June 8 — 12, 2015: Weekly financial astrology predictions & a few more notes on Greece

Greece: Well, no agreement with IMF has been reached as yet, and with the Mars-Jupiter-Pluto YOD separating, the energy that was pushing for a reform [debt restructuring and/or restructuring of the government] will gradually diminish this week. Although Greek banks didn’t get the money last Friday as I expected, Greek financial institutions got a temporary relief in the form of a delay. The lack of action around the time when the YOD was more precise indicates a passed opportunity for a cathartic resolution and new start.

In the coming year and a half, several slow transiting planets will form important aspects to the Greek chart indicating that current issues will continue to unfold for a while. In particular, Pluto will be sitting on the Descendant pretty much the entire time, and thus the relationships with international partners will undergo major changes. Two precise passes of Pluto over Greece’s Descendant will occur in late August and the week of Oct 19, 2015— we can expect intensification of talks about Grexit and/or substantial changes in the relationship with EU. Moreover, around mid-July (15-18), 2015 transiting North Node  will cross Pluto/Moon conjunction in Greece’s chart — I expect there will be an important public announcement [about debt, relationships with partners,  and/or country’s identity] at that time.

Also, in 2016 (esp. March, Nov, and Dec), transiting Saturn (limitation) will square Greece’s Jupiter (hope/optimism/expansion), ruler of the 6h house (government employees, workforce, healthcare, etc.) — this indicates tightening of the belt, limitations on spending, delays of payment, postponed improvement, decreased hope/optimism, etc. Since the aspect is a stressful square, these limitations will likely not be self-imposed, but rather experienced as outside pressure.

IMF: At the same time, in 2015-16, transiting Uranus (surprise, shock, freedom, rebellion, abrupt end/beginning) will be opposing [on/off] Moon and Jupiter in the astro chart of the IMF. This indicates [mostly unwelcome] surprises, emotional rollercoaster, sudden gains/losses, and taking risks that may or may not pay off [mostly not]. The most affected areas will be international relationships and gambling/speculation. The first such transit (Uranus opposing IMF’s Moon) will occur in June — September, 2015. With transiting Jupiter making a favorable trine to IMF’s Venus in late July – early August, 2015, IMF will likely see increased money flow [from Greece and any other sources] or at least increased good news about its finances at that time.


JUNE 8, 2015 (MON): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%). The YOD aspect energy will still be felt today and so the focus on the need for financial reforms or reforms of governmental structures will remain. Unlike last week, however, today the focus will be less on taking some/any action to resolve an issue and more on how leaders are optimistic about their communication/discussions. Additionally, today should be a good day for communication / transportation businesses and retail sales — there may be increased positive news, such as about progressive and enthusiastic leaders and overall performance/outlook.

USA (long term): As mentioned before, for the past few months transiting Pluto in Capricorn (major transformation related to governmental controls and/or pressure from large corporations) has been forming a stressful square aspect to Saturn in the US chart where it rules the 2nd house (banks). This aspect will persist for several more months and will likely manifest as increased pressure on banks and financial institutions from the government — some new controls or fundamental changes may be introduced.

USA (June 8): in the pre-open hours or in the early morning — an increased probability of slightly positive news about the workforce and social improvements.

JUNE 9, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

June 9-12: Increased news about communication / transportation businesses and retail sales (especially of military-related equipment and services) —  for ex., that sales of electronic devices (or telecom services), electric cars, airplanes (and other airspace equipment/services) are going well. In general, any items/services related to electronics, communication, transportation, and airspace will likely receive extra attention [possibly because of some surprise or innovation] and their sales will likely increase. There is also a heightened possibility of increased airstrikes and fires from lightening strikes.

USA: June 9-12 (esp. 11th) — increased focus on and positive news about military actions and international relationships (esp. military collaboration). The focus of the news will probably be on expansion and collaboration going well, introducing new hi-tech equipment, improving/upgrading military equipment/services (esp. communication- and airspace-related), etc.

JUNE 10, 2015 (WED): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (65%). As on Tue, airplanes, electric cars, electronic gadgets, telecoms, etc. will likely be in focus and the news (e.g., about their sales and market expansion) will likely be positive. News about expansion of or actions by businesses in these industries will likely be related to satisfying military-related needs for equipment or services.

JUNE 11, 2015 (TH): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%). The overall mood will probably be fairly optimistic, but in the pre-open hours and early morning there may be increased news about protests against governmental regulations or against large corporations because protesters perceive them as oppressive and infringing on their freedom.

USA (June 11): In the pre-open hours and early morning, there is an increased possibility of mildly distressing news about the banks — some issue may require additional governmental regulation, in-depth investigation, or decisive action (e.g., how banks enter into partnership agreements, balance in-/out-flows of cash, or balance various accounts).

USA (June 11-12, esp. 12th): Increased possibility of distressing news about oil, water (navy, floods, etc.), chemicals, poisons, healthcare (incl. drugs), and/or some deception. There may be arguments about these areas, as well as accidents, fires, or misunderstandings. For ex., some action may unexpectedly result in a negative outcome because it was based on the wrong assumptions, some aggressive/militarized action may undermine homeland security or food/water safety, fires may result in water shortage, transporting explosive/dangerous materials may result in contamination [of farmland, food, or water], etc.

JUNE 12, 2015 (FR): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). The news about electronic gadgets, electric cars, airspace advances, etc. will likely remain positive. At the same time, there may be news about communication and/or transportation industries and/or retail sales that will result in a market direction change compared to Thur (probably from up on Thur to down on Fr).

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