April 6 – 10, 2015: Financial astrology predictions

APR 6, 2015 (MON): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (60%). A day full of news, with some happy announcement coming up right at or shortly before the open. The news will likely focus on international expansion/collaboration [especially military], travel/communication [especially phones, cables/data transfer, cars, and airplanes], and military undertakings (incl. weapons sales). New military-, airspace-, electricity/energy-, and/or IT-related initiatives may be announced, incl. appointment of new leaders and announcement of new cool IT gadgets. Additionally, some entities (esp. financial institutions) may experience disappointment related to some limitations or delays because of international laws, travel, or government policies — so perhaps, a bank faces annoying delays because of governmental rules or can’t expand internationally as fast as it would like to, or, a financial entity misses some [international] opportunity because of some unexpected delays or regulations.

USA: A mixed-mews day. Right at the open, there will likely be positive news about taxes, debt, loans, insurance, rates, etc. related to developments in the workforce and/or healthcare. Other positive news in the morning may include relationships with international partners (e.g., that a diplomatic solution was reached), US status in the world (that is it valued highly); as well retail sales, transportation, and communication (that profits went up). Later in the day, there may be mildly negative news about taxes, debt, loans, insurance, rates, etc., as well as international travel and/or legislative activities (e.g., that an agreement wasn’t reached or required really working through disagreements, that  [military] leader spoke too rashly, that a new [military] initiative undermines country’s well-being or increases the debt more than expected, etc.)

APR 7, 2015 (TUE): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). Increased likelihood of stressful news about [governmental] regulations impeding the progress of some military talks or new initiatives. Alternatively, there may be increased protests against perceived oppression by governments, large corporations, etc., or, against nuclear power, spying, illegal activities of various sorts, etc., and increased news coverage of such events.

USA: Increased focus on banks, esp. in the morning — the news will probably be related to new initiatives, new beginnings, new leaders, etc. The nature of the announcements will likely be slightly distressing and/or contradictory. For ex., new initiatives jeopardize the stability of established banking approaches, new leaders take rash actions or say things prematurely (and thereby anger/worry the “old guard” or conservative entities), things are moving too fast / without proper preparation, etc. Other likely news areas include accidents or mishaps involving cars/phones, racing, and/or military campaigns, such as new vehicle/phone is not strong enough and breaks too easily, or, a new/young military leader doesn’t get along with the old one, or, a new [military] initiative/leader shakes up old agreements, etc.

APR 8, 2015 (WED): Very strong mixed influence; market may possibly go down (55%). Super busy news day, with a buzz of rapidly changing announcements (many of which may be totally unexpected) starting during pre-open hours and continuing through the morning. Increased focus on travel/communication [especially phones, cables/data transfer, electric cars, and airplanes]; new military initiatives (esp. airspace-related); telecoms; as well as airspace, electricity/energy, and IT industries in general. Very likely that we may hear about a surprise airplane strike (as in attacks), an airplane [or energy/IT/etc.] company undergoing some sudden/surprising changes (possibly due to changing energy costs or sources), accidents (esp. related to electronic equipment), or a related entity making a sudden/surprising announcement. Also, right at the open or shortly before it there may be brief pessimistic news about the international market or some entity (potentially related to some bank’s or country’s savings, food/crops, females, or security) — the effect of this news will likely be short-lived though and will dissipate within hours.

USA: Given that transiting Neptune will be squaring US Uranus pretty tightly the entire week, the transportation/communication, energy, IT, and airspace industry news may well be coming from the US — so likely increased focus on electric cars, electricity, and airplanes. The news may be surprising (as in abrupt stop/start/change of direction — possibly more than once) or shocking (e.g., accidents, surprising rulings, unusual alliances, etc.). Another possibility is that the news will focus on energy sources (e.g., influence of oil prices on energy costs, oil reserves under the ocean floor, deriving energy from water, etc.).

In other US-related news: On the positive side, we may hear about improvements in international relationships, overseas expansion (esp. military), and improved outlook on progress toward country’s goals. At the same time, there may be disappointing news (esp. in the early morning), about transportation/communication industries (e.g., that profits are down, or, may be the profits are up, but something else is off, such as the expenses are too high or the profits are up for the wrong reason, etc.).

APR 9, 2015 (TH): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%). Another busy news day, though not as crazy as Wed. The focus of the news will likely be on new initiatives and new leaders, esp. military. The nature of the news will probably be slightly positive or reassuring (e.g., that there is international support and expansion, that a legal permit was obtained, trip abroad went well, etc.).

APR 10, 2015 (FR): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The morning will probably still be busy with various news coming in about the new initiatives from the day before, but toward the end of the day the focus may shift to oil prices and bank stability. The down influence is stronger late pm due to the increasing potential for concerns about oil and financial institutions over the weekend and early next week.

Apr 10-12, (esp. Apr 12) — increased news about water (incl. navy, strategic locations on or around bodies of water, and weather) and oil — possibly fighting over it [physical or “price” war], accidents, or some aggressive actions (these actions may actually bring the water and/or oil price up).


The next couple of days at a glance: Possibly as soon as late Mon (Apr 13) and highly likely next Tue (Apr 14) — a major market down move because of some concern about the availability of money (e.g., some entity is deemed insolvent, bank runs out of cash, etc.), bank stability, or growth/profits of communication/transportation entities (e.g., cars and phone manufacturers).

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