March 23 – 27, 2015: Financial astrology predictions for the week and comments on transiting Neptune square USA Ascendant & Uranus

USA – general: On a longer-term scale, the country is experiencing a slowly-infolding transit from Neptune to its Ascendant and Uranus, which will last for at least a year. Thus is a period that will see significant changes to (A) foreign partnerships and country’s goals, vision, direction for growth, and (B) industries related to transportation, communication, IT, and retail sales (that is cars, newspapers, telephones, cables, internet sales, computers, electronic gadgets, software, social media, etc.).

The changes will likely be profound and focus on the improvements to allow for greater creativity, imagination, and accessibility of various goods (e.g., movies/photos/music). There is also an increased probability of deception, communication errors, and confusion. For ex., this could be the time when some IT innovation is introduced that allows watching movies, communicate, or buy products on-line and via mobile devices in a new way. At the same time, a movie or music industry entity may create major difficulties for entities that would like to distribute movies/music on-line (this, in turn, could lead to deception or confusion about who is distributing what, when, and how).

The changes will likely be driven by fluctuations in prices, availability, and need for oil, water, movies/music/photos, healthcare/pharmaceuticals; threat of [chemical] pollution [esp. of water] or being attacked via water; and changes in partnerships based on common [spiritual] beliefs/religion/values. The latter factor, as well as oil and water/navy-related issues, will likely be especially significant for foreign relationships and may affect the US as a country in terms of the goals it wants to pursue and the overall expansion direction. As in the example with the movie/music industries, there is room for both innovation and increased reliance on inspiration/higher spiritual ideals as well as for confusion and deception.

The approximate dates when this energy will be felt the strongest are:

For (A): Late Feb, 2015 through the end of Feb 2016, with key dates being March 23-27, 2015; Sep 1-11, 2015; and Jan 18-29, 2016. The last period will likely be the most significant where some conclusion in the matter is reached or some agreement is finalized.

For (B): Mid-March 2015 through mid-March 2016 with key dates being Apr 13-17, 2015; Aug 11-21, 2015; and Feb 8-19, 2016. Similarly to the above, the last period will likely be the most significant where any ongoing issues or initiatives are resolved and finalized, although Oct-Dec, 2016 may see some reverberations of these decisions.

MAR 23, 2015 (MON): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). The down influence is the strongest in the late afternoon.

Mar 23 – 25 (early afternoon): Practical and realistic mood about what it takes to achieve long-term stability on the international arena and/or to secure success of multi-national organizations. Increased news about  long-term international collaboration with focus on how to reduce religious or world-view differences. The nature of collaboration may involve military actions, sports, and/or any new bold initiatives that require strong leadership / courage / risk taking.

USA: Increased potential for slightly negative news from the US about financial collaborations with other partners and workforce (along the lines of overconfidence about how well something is going). Additionally, there may be upsetting news stock market, loans, debt, rates, taxes, and insurance. For ex., there may be public anger about any of these domains, push for a stronger action to make something happen because some entity or entities are getting impatient, some upset related to banks/savings that undermines the value of their stocks, or some issue related to cars, engines (e.g., accident, car loans, etc.) that affects insurance or how car loans are issued, and so forth.

Also, this entire week, esp. Mon – Tue, there will likely be increased focus on relationships with international partners and country’s long-term goals, direction, and vision for the future in the light of changing oil prices and/or some confusion, deception, or pollution that involves oil, water, navy, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, etc.

MAR 24, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60%). During pre-open and early morning hours, we may hear some positive news about companies or initiatives related to healthcare / pharmaceuticals, oil, water (incl. navy), movies, photography, music, fashion, and spirituality. The nature of the news will probably be that profits increased, some financial agreement went smoothly, investments / savings are up, something/someone looks more attractive than ever, etc. Great day to take or sell photos of celebrities (esp. singers), beautiful women, clothes, or nature — they will likely turn out better  or bring higher profits than usual.

MAR 25, 2015 (WED): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%).The down influence is the strongest in the morning and may turn to up in the afternoon.

USA: Increased potential for minor disagreements and miscommunication with partners over some contracts, esp. those related to military, cars / travel, sports, computers/IT, and communication (e.g., phones, news magazines, etc.).

MAR 26, 2015 (TH): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (65-70%).

Mar 26 -27: The mood will likely be quite happy with over-confidence about availability of money, bank stability, status of financial entities, etc. Likely, good news about profits of entities associated with farming, fashion, clothes, and banking. These news will probably make some international leader look in a more favorable light than usual.

USA: Positive news related to transportation and communication industries (e.g., car manufacturers), stock market, insurance, taxes, debt, loans, and rates. There may also be news about initiatives to improve industries involved in underground activities, directly (e.g., digging for oil, coal, etc.) and figuratively (e.g., uncovering stock market manipulations or tax evasion schemes).

Also, increased news today in the US about international relationships, navy, banks (e.g., how much cash they have, how well they are able to save and secure what they have, etc.), farming, water, oil, healthcare/pharmaceuticals, and national security.

MAR 27, 2015 (FR): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (65%).

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