March 9 – 13, 2015: Financial astrology predictions

MAR 9, 2015 (MON): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%). Focus on electronics, IT, technology sector, airspace, telecoms, electricity, transportation, incl. electric cars, and energy sector in general. Abundance of news about these areas, both positive  and stressful, pre-open and early am on Monday.

The positive news may include expansion into new [international] markets; endorsements by famous figures, esp. from Hollywood; new deals (especially related to military, energy, and airspace initiatives); etc. This may be a good time for investing into say military equipment, weapons, planes (or entities that manufacture those), etc. The negative news may involve obstacles from government or large corporations that oversee these new initiatives —  for ex., government rules against some telecom or aircraft company to curb the freedom of its actions; reduces or sets difficult-to-meet conditions on NASA funding; implements control on production, sales, or distribution of weapons/airplanes/electric cars; etc.

March 9-12: Likely, increased news about major military developments, accidents (esp. related to engine malfunction, failure of moving mechanical parts, fire, airplanes, space equipment, electric cars, nuclear power, and electric power in general), acts of violence, protests (for freedom and against perceived oppression by governments/large corporations), angry outbursts, conflicts, etc. Additionally, we may hear more than usual about bad weather (esp. drought and fires), mudslides, and earthquakes.

USA: As mentioned in the last post, during March (with this week’s peak dates being the March 9-12), US banks and other financial entities may feel significant pressure — likely due to some governmental controls and/or some sudden surprising events related to erratically changing values of currencies, new military initiatives, airspace industry, telecommunications, disruptions/sudden changes in electricity supplies, some abrupt changes in data transmission, etc. These pressures will likely be perceived as unwelcome and disruptive and push financial industry players to adjust in a way that will leave them “between a rock and a hard place.” Something along the lines of: Some unexpected new initiative affects the value of currencies, or technology, or electric supplies, or telecommunications, etc. and causes banks to re-write agreements with other banks or customers; but, at the same time, a governmental initiative/rule prevents banks from easily changing these agreements, so banks decide that it’s easier to just dissolve the agreements or hide the true nature of the agreements to avoid penalties.

Also, from afternoon of March 9 through March 10 — increased likelihood of important news about US tax system, Treasury, stock market, loans/debt [rates, amounts, etc.], insurance companies, companies that mine/extract commodities from under ground, secrets about any of the above; as well as transportation and communication industries (telecoms, producers of electric cars, electronic gadgets, etc.). The news will put a spot light on these topics and will likely be neutral — more along the lines of analysis, evaluation of what to do next, and communicating about it.

MAR 10, 2015 (TUE): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). The mood today will probably be damper on Tue compared to Mon when there is a higher chance of positive news about electronics, energy, etc. Today, the concerns about some violence, accidents, or tightening controls (e.g., on banks) are more likely to overshadow any such positive news.

MAR 11, 2015 (WED): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%). The down prediction is mainly due to ongoing violence, protests, etc. on a global scale, as well as potential for stressful news about the US banks.

USA: From afternoon of March 11 through March 12 — increased news about minor misunderstandings with partners over contracts and agreements (esp. related to military initiatives) — partners [as well as enemies] will be less cooperative, not willing to sign agreements, less likely to see eye-to-eye, more likely to not share the same values (esp. over military-related initiatives), and/or reluctant to pay for joint expenses (again, esp. of military nature).

Additionally, we may hear about somewhat negative news related to the job market, healthcare, and/or US status in the world in general (like other countries may not share US values about something, the value of dollar is affected in a way that doesn’t benefit the country, etc.) — this is a relatively minor and short-lived influence, however, which will pass by Fr.

MAR 12, 2015 (TH): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The likelihood of accidents or stressful conflicts/military events should decrease today compared to Mon-Wed. This could be a reversal day. The down influence is stronger in the morning and may turn to up by late afternoon.

MAR 13, 2015 (FR): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (60%). The mood should be relatively more peaceful today. The focus of the news will probably switch to cover more entities and events related to healthcare (incl. pharmaceuticals, poisons, contamination, epidemics, vaccinations, etc.), caring for the needy and elderly, spiritual leaders; as well as water and oil. This focus will further intensify next week, with a great abundance of news around March 16-18.

Speaking of water and oil (as well as pharmaceuticals) — while the news on Fr may be relatively neutral, some concerns may rise over the weekend (esp. Sun) and negatively affect the trading of related entities during pre-open and early morning hours on Mon, March 16.

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