February 2 – 6, 2015: Financial astrology predictions + February at a glance

FEBRUARY at a glance: The entire month, esp. late Feb looks tense as Uranus and Pluto will be getting into a tighter square (exact around March 1) — this will likely manifest as increased international tensions between new/boisterous/enthusiastic/aggressive/radical entities demanding freedom/revolution and old/conservative/rigid corporate and governmental structures, which will be perceived by “protestors” and “rebels” as oppressive and dictatorial.

Additionally, in February Saturn (limitation/structure/rigidity/discipline) will be slowly approaching a tense square with Neptune (oil/water/pharmaceuticals/deceases/spirituality/illusion/hope) — this may manifest as increased sell offs, depressed prices, and negative news in the related industries. Additionally, there may be bad weather due to water (snow, rain, flooding, etc.); news about pollution and poisoning of or through oil, water, drugs, spills, dams breaking, etc.; outbreaks of infections deceases; and conflicts over religion and ideologies that are perceived as too idealistic/utopian. This influence will be the strongest in the last week of Feb through mid to late March and then will ease off from late-March till October of 2015.

FEB 2, 2015 (MON): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is stronger for the US than globally  — we may see a down move during the Eastern hemisphere trading hours, especially for Asia, but an up move in the US. There should be more news than usual about oil, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, as well as water and related weather events (e.g., floods). The value of the related stocks/commodities will probably go up during the evening hours of Feb 1, EST, and will be a good time to cash in on the profits from oil, medicines, water, etc. [I see that oil prices rose close to 8% on Friday. Am guessing this was, in part, under the influence of Venus (money/profit) approaching conjunction with Neptune (oil, water, drugs) in Pisces (water sign ruled by Neptune). This conjunction is exact on Feb 1, EST. The effect of transiting planets is generally stronger as the planets approach exact aspects (which is why my daily predictions sometimes manifest a day or so early). Since on Feb 2 Venus and Neptune will be separating, the conjunction will be losing its effect — so, I expect the price of oil etc. to go down on Monday during New York trading hours.]
USA: Feb 1-2 — Increased probability of unexpected and likely distressing events related to taxes, insurance, investments, banks, debt, interest rates, as well as international relationships (incl. travel and immigration), higher education, and publishing. The types of events include sudden start or ending of a project/relationship, passing of an unexpected ruling, or even death of some leader. This influence peaks around Feb 1-2, but will be strongly felt 1-2 weeks before and after.
FEB 3, 2015 (TUE): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (65%). The down influence is stronger in the morning.
USA: Increased likelihood of brief positive news about banks, financial system, and the US status in the world — this may manifest as dollar strengthening, increased profits by banks, financial institution leadership being recognized/promoted/rewarded somehow, etc. Also, during pre-open and early morning hours, there may be increased news about retail sales, transportation and communication industries, including telecoms, IT, cars, and aero-space — the news may be about excess of something, like an unexpected rise in prices or volumes of items sold / produced. The overall tone of the news will probably be positive, but it may cause unexpected consequences as there will probably be a surprise (e.g., there is an unexpected gain instead of a loss and vice-versa, or, the volume exceeds expectations).
FEB 4, 2015 (WED): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). There is a slight chance of increased news and/or trading volume of anything related to oil, pharmaceuticals, water/navy, gold, and entertainment industry. This influence is the strongest during pre-open and early morning hours. For some entities, it may be a frustrating day of missed opportunities of some sort — like the deal almost went through, some positive indicator materialized/was announced but at the wrong time, etc.
On a political arena, there may be increased news about navy — such as military exercises, weapons sales, expansion of military bases, etc.
FEB 5, 2015 (TH): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).
Feb 5-6: These may be days of excess of some sort — like excessive optimism about someone’s leadership or a leader or famous person over-promising something. Additionally, we will probably hear a lot about electronic gadgets, electric cars, traveling, telecoms, and/or aero-space technologies — again, there may be some excess associated with these areas, like profits are measurably higher/lower than expected. We may also hear about a technological innovation or finding a practical solution to fix a problem in one of these areas (e.g., an engineering solution for electric car problem). Finally, news may come out about an agreement/contract related to a travel business, such as one that sells tickets (especially via airplanes and/or for international travel).
FEB 6, 2015 (FR): Low-medium influence; market may possibly go up (65%). The up influence is especially strong for the US.
USA: Likely, a day of positive news about country’s wealth, well-being, international relationships with “friends,” and profits from taxes, insurance, and investments.
USA: Feb 6 – 8 — increased probability of military conflicts or disagreements with “enemies” that result in military action or posturing. The conflicts will likely be relatively mild, but the US will be less cooperative than usual and will be more likely to use force to resolve arguments. The conflicts or military operations (including any rescue operations) may involve water, navy, and/or oil. Conflicts/arguments or simply themes of military, fighting, racing, sports, etc. may also see greater focus in the entertainment industry — like there may be fighting at such events, or, these themes will dominate entertainment this weekend.

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