September, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

Here are some astro-financial predictions for September 2014. Since transits to the USA natal chart appear to strongly correlate with market moves, a few related observations are included as well. The predictions are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

SEPTEMBER: Globally, the month doesn’t look too bad with optimism about the economy increasing toward the end of the month. In particular, September 21-30 may see increased excitement and enthusiasm over someone’s leadership (a person or an entity) and/or about the economy general. The areas from which a leader or positive news may emerge will likely involve communication (e.g., telephones), transportation (e.g., cars), performing arts (e.g., movies), insurance companies, mining, nuclear power, spying agencies, and financial institutions that lend money.

USA: An eventful month, with an increased potential for important changes/transformations, especially in financial sector.

Transiting Neptune (spirituality, inspiration, delusion, healthcare, drugs, water, alcohol, oil, refineries, natural gas, etc.) will be forming a favorable easy-going trine aspect to the US Jupiter (expansion, optimism, generosity, etc.) virtually all month, with the strongest influence on September 8-9. Thus, issues associated with Neptune will likely be featured prominently in the news. They will also likely play increased role as motivators for decisions about the direction and the ways in which the country will want to expand.

In the US chart, Jupiter is placed in the 7th house of partners/enemies and rules the first house (identity, perception, overall well-being, etc.). I expect this transit to manifest as increased optimism about the country’s identity, values, and the status of international relationships. The US may feel increased inspiration about its core values and feel inspired, generous, and magnanimous. There may be a tendency to romanticize certain ideals, desire to share these ideals with its partners/“enemies,” and expand its international influence. The danger of this aspect is that it may lead to overestimation of the progress and/or degree of the agreement with its partners—things may be not as rosy as they may appear at the moment.

Additionally, another important transit to the US chart will be slowly unfolding virtually all month – transiting Uranus Rx (sudden change/surprise/revolution/electronics) will oppose US Saturn (government/control/authority). In the US chart, Saturn is positioned in the 10th house of leadership and role on the global arena and its rules the 2nd house of financial sector/banks. This transit may coincide with unexpected changes in the financial sector – for example, some unforeseen circumstances may undermine the stability of the financial sector or individual banks. Alternatively, we may hear about a surprising innovation or regulation (e.g., related to electronic transactions or cryptocurrencies). This influence will be the strongest September 03 – October 25 (esp. Sep 29-Oct 01).

September 2 (Tue): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55-60%). The day favors progress in all sorts of government initiatives by large corporations. We may hear about minor improvements related to healthcare and/or conditions for employees, especially those in government service positions, such as teachers, nurses, and military.

USA: Increased possibility of news related to transportation, including cars, and communications, including telephone companies. The news may be along the lines of companies from related industries reporting profits/expenses and/or their decisions regarding investments needed to accomplish some long term vision. We may hear that the expenses were larger than expected or that a larger than predicted loan was taken out to support some long-term project. Alternatively, we may just hear that the long-term business strategy has been identified; although there may be some concerns on whether this new strategy is at odds with the company’s original goals or intentions.

September 3 (Wed): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

USA: Increased communication with international partners; possibly minor misunderstandings.
Sep 3-5: Favorable time for the US for negotiations with international partners and promoting its goals on the international arena. Assertive [yet nonaggressive] approach should yield desired results (i.e., the US will likely be successful in persuading its partners).

September 4 (Th): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (55%). There is a possibility of a brief period of concern about some governmental decision early in the morning or during pre-open hours. It will probably be followed by a feeling of relief shortly after.

September 5 (Fr): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

USA: Sep 5-6 will likely see increased communications with international entities (both partners and “enemies”) over matters related to agreements, immigration, status of the US on the international arena, etc. The US may put extra effort into inspiring its partners through some sort of a generous behavior, optimism, cheering them on, etc.

September 8 (Mon): Strong-next influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). Down influence is stronger in the afternoon; the market may actually go up in the early morning because of some positive news from the US. Globally, there may be some confusing or concerning news or news about healthcare, medicines, poisons, drugs, water, and/or oil in the pre-open hours and in the early morning.

Sep 8-9: There is an increased possibility of stressful news related to governments and/or large corporations. Specifically, we may hear about some entities not reaching agreements, refusing to communicate, or communicating overly aggressively. Alternatively, there may be entities trying to communicate, but their efforts may be unsuccessful due to some governmental regulations or restrictions. If an agreement is reached, it will likely not come easily.

USA: Mood in the pre-open hours will likely be uplifting and there may be positive news related to airlines, space projects, IT, innovative electronic gadgets, electric cars, telecoms, etc. At the same time, in the afternoon there may be distressing news related to transportation, communication, and/or loans, taxes, mines, etc. For example, there may be a call for action to make changes in those areas, or, some entity or entities may be angry over the situation related to the issues above (e.g., taxes paid/unpaid by some communication or transportation company). There is also an increased probability of an accident or a fire affecting a transportation or communication business.

September 9 (Tue): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60%). Down influence is stronger in the afternoon and it is stronger globally than for the US. The mood in the US may well be positive and inspired– the country will likely feel that its expansion and international partnerships are proceeding well.

USA: Favorable day for making improvements in the financial sector or approving spending on projects that will help control banks and/or ensure greater financial power (of the US and/or of its banks).

September 10 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). There will likely be a reversal in the direction compared to September 9 (probably from down to up). The mood today should be fairly positive overall. There will probably be increased news (especially in the pre-open hours and in the early morning) related to leaders and negotiations among partners, with these negotiations/communication likely going smoothly.

September 11 (Th): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%). The down influence is stronger in the afternoon and stronger for the US than globally.

USA: On Sep 10-12, there is an increased probability of mildly distressing news coming from the US related to its financial sector and/or its financial relationships with international partners/”enemies.” Not a favorable day for reaching agreements with partners. There may also be some surprising (but potentially positive) developments related to transportation and/or communication industries, including airlines, telecoms, electric cars, IT, etc. For example, we may hear about unexpected investments or unexpectedly high or low profits.

September 12 (Fr): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%). The down influence is stronger in the afternoon. In the pre-open hours and in the early morning, there is an increased possibility of unexpected problems or abrupt cancellations of discussions between partners. An entity or entities involved in negotiations may demand independence or act rebellious and uncooperative. Additionally, today there is an increased probability of glitches, issues, or arguments related to airlines, electric grid, electric wiring, telecommunications, etc., including military attacks delivered over air, military leaders traveling by air, and cyber-attacks. Luckily, this is a quickly passing influence and should not last longer than a day.

September 15 (Mon): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

Sep 15-16: There may be an important public announcement made it a large gathering, such as a conference (highest probability is in the morning of September 16). The nature of the announcement will likely be related to partnerships, agreements, signing documents, reaching a compromise through diplomatic means, etc.

USA: There may be increased focus in the news on negotiations with international partners as well as on domestic policies, including farming, healthcare, oil, water supply, and real estate. The news will probably be of positive nature (e.g., the country is doing well and has come out on top). Alternatively, some previously unclear issue in one of the areas above may become more transparent.

September 16 (Tue): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go up (55%). Several mildly positive transits to the US chart are supportive of the up influence as well.

September 17 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%). The up influence is stronger in the afternoon and stronger for the US than globally. Right at the open, there may be tensions over some limitations imposed on or by governmental entities or large corporations (especially banks and/or businesses related to mining or excavations safe).

USA: Sep 17-18 are favorable for improving relationships and communication with international entities. Diplomatic negotiations and communication have higher than usual probability of yielding desired results, such as persuading entities to act in a particular way. Also, on Sep 17-18 the US may shine in some way. For example, it may achieve some important goal on the global arena and/or receive recognition for its leadership.

September 18 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%). The up influence is stronger in the early morning and stronger for the US than globally.

September 19 (Fr): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is stronger in the afternoon.

USA: We may hear about improvements in financial sector and/or in areas related to healthcare, prisons, elderly, spying programs, etc. At the same time, there may be minor disagreements or miscommunication with international entities; this probability increases in the late afternoon.

September 22 (Mon): Strong-mixed influence; market may possibly go up (55%). Very likely a reversal day – probably from down during pre-open hours to up during US trading hours, especially in the afternoon. The up influence is stronger for the US than globally.

For global markets, the day may be a lot more stressful than for the US. The direction for global markets looks down—there may be some major stress, possibly related to healthcare, oil, drugs, water, poisoning, etc. There may also be focus on an important public meeting or a conference– the results of negotiations may be expected to somehow affect financial stability.

USA: Likely, increased communications with international entities over financial matters. There may be minor short-lived disagreements, but probably nothing major. The US will probably be less inclined to be aggressive/assertive and more likely to compromise at this time.

Additionally, on Sep 22-26 there is increased probability of news in the US related to long-term improvements in financial sector/banks. This may involve an optimistic and innovative decision by a leader to allow or facilitate some sort of expansion (e.g., by removing some sort of a limitation on the banks). The decision may potentially be unexpected, but will likely improve banks’ financial situation in some way (e.g., by helping to increase their income).

September 23 (Tue): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%). Today, the mood may be fairly positive with excitement and optimism in the air. This excitement may be related to favorable opinions about someone’s leadership.

USA: There may be some positive news about a leader (person or company) in the area of insurance, lending money, nuclear power, mining, Secret Service, IRS, etc. The news may be about progressive steps taken to resolve problems in the areas above, including reducing country’s debt. Additionally, in the early morning there may be increased focus on domestic issues, including real estate, mortgages, farms, food supply, oil, and healthcare – the news will likely be positive (e.g., that more money or support is available, or, that the profits have increased). Lastly, there is an increased probability of positive news about retail sales, as well as transportation and communication industries, including cars and phones.

September 24 (Wed): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

September 25 (Th): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (55%).

USA: Increased probability of news focusing on the country’s identity, ideals, and goals. There may also be increased focus on issues related to immigration, international relationships, military interventions, weapons, or taking assertive actions. The US may feel extra assertive and ready for action, especially on the international arena. The actions do not necessarily need to involve any aggression or weapons; rather, the US may feel impatient about the lack of progress and it may feel that it needs to take matters into its own hands or else nothing will ever get done.

Also, Sep 25-26 are favorable for improving US visibility and status on the global arena. The country will likely be perceived in favorable light as a “wealthy leader,” or, its leadership in financial sector will somehow be in the focus. Alternatively, there may be increased focus on the value of US currency.

September 26 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). Right at the open there may be increased news about diplomatic negotiations between certain entities – negotiations will likely be fairly emotional, but at least parties will be able to share their concerns more openly than usual.

USA: Increased possibility of unexpected actions related to international relationships, airlines, space, electronic equipment (including weapons, electric wires, IT equipment, etc.), telecoms, electronic gadgets, and innovative technologies in general. These actions may or may not be related to military developments, but they will likely be sudden or surprising in some way.

September 29 (Mon): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%). The down influence is stronger for the US than globally; down prediction is primarily due to the increased potential for unexpected changes in the US financial sector.

USA: On Sep 29-30 (as well as about a month before and after), there is an increased possibility of some major changes or innovations introduced in the US financial sector. A negative manifestation could include a bank or a number of banks experiencing unexpected problems or even suddenly filing for bankruptcy. A positive manifestation could include an innovation of some sort or passing a new regulation, especially in the area of electronic transactions, websites, internet, mobile banking, cryptocurrencies, etc.

September 30 (Tue): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down influence is stronger for the US than globally; down prediction is primarily due to the increased potential for unexpected changes in the US financial sector.

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