August 1, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology

I will post predictions for the rest of the month this weekend. In the meantime, here are predictions for this Friday. [Calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]

Aug 1 (Fr): Strong influence; market may possibly go up (60%), especially in the late afternoon. Strong possibility of a higher than usual trading volume or a larger than average market move—whichever the direction, the momentum will keep building all day through the closing bell.

It is interesting that on July 31, when DJI dropped over 300 points (≈ 2%), several transiting planets formed exact (or almost exact) aspects:

• Mars/Jupiter square (excess/going overboard, gambling, taking risk, over-reaction, larger than usual size of intraday move or increased trading volume) [exact shortly after market close on Aug 1],
• Venus/Uranus square (surprise about money or sudden change in value), and
• Venus/Saturn trine (practical, sober, or conservative attitude toward money).

On Aug 1, Venus aspects will be separating and therefore less potent, but the Mars/Jupiter square (excess) will be quite active and likely manifest as over-buying or over-selling.

Additionally, the following transits will be approaching exact and will color the mood for today, especially in the late afternoon:

• Mercury/Jupiter conjunction in Leo (increased communications; optimism, even excitement, especially about someone’s leadership), and
• Mercury/Mars square in Leo/Scorpio (arguments, especially about leadership, power, and money; inconsistency between leaders’ communication and actions regarding power or money that come from taxes, lending, interest, mortgage, etc.).

Today’s excitable and tense Mercury aspects will likely manifest as increased discussions about leadership, and arguments over power or what actions to take regarding taxes, loans, interest rates, mortgages, debt, etc. Leaders may be more outspoken today and act in a more arrogant way than usual (because they may feel like they know what’s best and will not be willing to compromise). Busy news day, especially in the late afternoon.

At a glance, Aug 14 (Thur) may see an important public announcement in the USA by a leader or about a leader. This will likely be related to taxes, investments, loans, interest rates, etc.; or, it may be about mines, metals, underground or secretive activities, like spying. Alternatively, we may hear about a death of a leader/famous person, such as a Hollywood star. Also, Aug 25-26 (Mon-Tue) look like “ouch” days for the market—probably major down days; strong down move especially likely early am on the 25th.

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