May 13-30, 2014 Predictions: Financial Astrology. Also, a few glimpses into US economy through early 2015.

Here are some astro-financial predictions for the rest of May 2014. Since transits to the USA natal chart appear to strongly correlate with market moves, a few related observations are included as well. The predictions are based on simple reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. The direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions; I included some approximate percentages to indicate how likely I think that the market will move in a particular direction. The work is done by hand, rather than with statistical software, and for fun only, so I would caution all readers to do their own research to detect any potential astro-financial trends with higher precision. [All calculations are for NYC, times are in EST; by “market” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern.]


MAY: As I mentioned in my May 1-2, 2014 predictions, the most interesting time this month will be around mid-May, around 14-19, which coincides with two potent and stressful transits to the US chart. These days will likely coincide with increased economic and political tensions within the US, highlighted by concerns about bank stability, loans/mortgages, institutional debt, and international tensions. In terms of the stock market, May 13-15 have the highest potential for a big drop. May 16 could be an up day globally, but marked by international concerns in the US – so looks more bearish for the US.

More on the transits:

(1)   Uranus (sudden upset or surprise) will oppose (tension, push-pull) US Saturn (restriction, government), ruler of the 2nd house of finances. The most recent time Uranus opposed US Saturn was around mid-1930 – early 1931 and coincided with bank runs. The transit in May is a first of a series of three transits that will repeat again around Oct 1, 2014 and then culminate/reach resolution around Mar 7, 2015.

General meaning of this transit is sudden and unexpected changes related to US banks and financial industry. This may manifest as unexpected bank closures, failures, changes in how banks are managed, changes in bank leadership, implementing new and highly original innovative payment systems, increased use of e-currencies or unexpected ban of e-currencies, problems with money transfers because of the electric or equipment multifunction (e.g., electricity problems, hacking, computer failures, etc.), unexpected changes in the value of a dollar, etc. Uranus is a planet sudden jolts, surprises, electricity, and revolutions. Whatever the events, they will likely be surprising, unexpected, abrupt, unusual, and possibly shocking.

Since this is the first one of the 3-transit series, the events of mid-May 2014 will mark the beginning of a period of increasingly intensifying events that will culminate in early March 2015. Moreover, since US Saturn is in the 10th house of government, business, large corporations, status in the world, etc., the changes in the US financial system will have a jolting and/or revolutionizing effect on its governmental structures, large corporate entities, and its status on the world arena. As with any transit, there is potential for both good and bad changes – we may either see banks coming up with some innovative ideas that will possibly involve creative use of electronic solutions, or, we may see unexpected bank failures or stressful news that will undermine their value.

(2)  Retrograde Pluto (major transformation, death-rebirth) will oppose US Sun (life energy, ego), ruler of the 9th house of international relationships.The most recent Pluto-US Sun opposition was on March 13, 2014 and coincided with concerns over the Crimea referendum outcome and China economy slowdown.The transit in May is a 2nd of a series of three transits that will culminate/reach resolution around January 4, 2015.

General meaning of this transit is a major transformation in the US international relationships because of some power-play, pressure or dictatorial behavior (either from an external entity toward the US or by the US). This may manifest through either  external or internal pressure to change its international partners, international policy, legalize or ban certain types of deals with international entities (sanctions?), etc.

Pluto does not do anything halfway, so whatever the changes, they will likely be very dramatic, cause a long-term shift in US international policy orientation and US power status, and will not be easily reversible [if at all]. Moreover, since US Sun is in the 8th house of loans/debt and hidden “underground” issues (e.g., spying, mines, underground resources, etc.), the changes in international relationships will have a profound transformative effect on this area of US economy and politics. Specific manifestations may include changes in the amount of debt the country has, how it pays off the debt, how it accumulates the debt, how it manages the loans, how it governs mining of resources that come from underground locations (metals? oil?), and how it runs various spying/surveillance programs.

Since this is the 2nd passage of this transit and Pluto is retrograde, its influence is somewhat milder compared to the first and 3rd passages when its motion is direct. The retrograde transit is likely going to coincide with the reevaluation of the situation, internal thinking about it, strategizing, or potentially reversing the old approach. Additionally, since this aspect is the strongest on May 17-18 (weekend), it may not be felt by the markets as strongly as the first passage on March 13. However, it is important to keep an eye on the unfolding situation, as the transformation will not be finalized until early January 2015. All transits have both positive and negative potential – the choice is always up to the people as to how to respond to the energy. In any case, after this matter resolves itself around early January 2015, the US will feel like it has been dramatically transformed and freed itself from some sort of danger or pressure (external or internal).


May 13 (Tue): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%).

May 13-15: A leader in the business of electronics (especially those used for military purposes) or airlines/space may be featured more prominently in the news today. Alternatively, there may be increased news about an innovation or a change in these areas. The news will likely coincide with increased trading of related stocks.

USA: In the early morning or during pre-open hours, there may be brief positive news about the US real estate market, farms, food supply, or domestic security.

May 14 (Wed): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%). The down influence is strongest in the early morning.

May 14-15: Increased probability of currency value fluctuation, especially EUR/USD.

USA: In the morning, there may be increased news about international relationships (sanctions? trade deals?) or laws passed related to national debt, loans, or mortgages. This news will likely have a brief negative effect on trading as changes may be perceived as not financially beneficial to the US. This effect will only last one day.

Additionally, for the US, on May 14-15 we may hear about some unexpected developments related to US banks, financial system, currency, etc. These will likely bring the market down, even if the events themselves are positive (e.g., banks announce a new better way to transfer funds electronically), because of the sheer unexpected nature of the developments.

May 15 (Th): Strong influence; market may possibly go down (65-70%).The down influence is strongest in the early morning. Regardless of the direction, there is a strong probability that it will change the following day or on Monday

USA: Increased news about stability of the US banks – the news will likely be positive or practical in nature (e.g., we may hear reports that evaluate the situation from a logical practical non-emotional perspective). Alternatively, there may be increased negotiations about a sale or trade deal related to banks.

May 16 (Fr): Strong mixed influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is stronger globally than for the US. The US will be feeling concerns about the pressures related to its international relationships, which may bring the market down in the US.

USA: May 15-19 – increased news about stressful international relationships, international tensions, changes in how US deals with international entities. The US may re-evaluate its international approach and either retreat or change its strategy. The news will either be stressful in nature and will bring the market down in the US, or, the change in strategy will be perceived as a positive development that will bring the market up on some optimism.

Additionally, on May 15, in the US there may be brief negative news about the US debt, mortgages, loans, etc.

May 19 (Mon): Medium-strong influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%). The mood today may be somewhat more practical than exuberant.

USA: May 19-20 – increased talk in the news about show business, Hollywood, or stock market trading/gambling – the emphasis will likely be on how something is risky or too flashy or too aggressive. Additionally, there may be increased news about US relationships with other countries involving either some conflict or talks about military intervention – if so, there may be some confusion about it, such as how to proceed. This is a short-lived influence, however, and will pass in the day or two.

May 20 (Tue): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

USA: There may be increased (and likely negative) news about the real estate market, home sales, mortgages, farming, ability by individuals and banks to save money, and/or domestic security.

May 21 (Wed): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (55%). The down prediction is mainly due to increased potential for international tensions in the US; on a global level, the day does not look that stressful.

USA: May 21-22 – there will likely be increased news related to country’s debt, loans, mortgages, as well as international partnerships and status in the world. There may be some changes in these areas associated with finances. For example, there may be discussions about whether to or how much money to spend on sustaining certain international relationships, or, there may be disagreement over how much money to invest in something, or, how much money the US has the loan to another entity, or, how much to spend to pay its own debts. On these dates, some action may be taken that will involve spending money on one of the issues above, giving money to a partner country, or spending/loaning money to improve US status in the world.

May 22 (Th): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (55%). The up influence is strongest in the morning.

May 23 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%). The global mood may be more practical today and there may be some mild discontent in the US about its real estate market or world leadership position.

USA: Increased possibility of news related to country’s debt, loans, and mortgages, such as giving money to a partner country or spending/loaning money to improve US status in the world. The conversation may revolve around dissatisfaction with or conflicting opinions about either the real estate market or US status in the world.

May 26 (Mon): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (60%).

USA: Increased probability of slightly negative news related to banks, financial system, “hidden enemies,” and/or healthcare – for example, we may hear about unexpected expense or things not going as smoothly as expected.

May 27 (Tue): Weak-medium influence; market may possibly go down (55-60%).

May 28 (Wed): Medium-strong influence; market will probably go down (65-70%). This will likely be a reversal day, with the market reaching bottom/MIN. The down influence is the strongest in the morning – the trend will reverse in the afternoon or the next day.

USA: May 28-30 – increased negotiations with international partners, such as about a new deal, new partnership, new agreement (esp. related to weapons or sports), or beginning a joint activity (e.g., military exercises, mutual military support, or sports traning).

May 29 (Th): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (60-65%).

USA: May 29-30 – increased likelihood of [likely positive] news about or new developments related to retail sales, communication devices, electronics, phones, cars, travel, etc. This may manifest as announcement of a new device, ruling about the internet, or news about improvement in the area of retail sales or transportation, incl. airlines.

30 (Fr): Weak influence; market may possibly go up (55%). A busy news day, with focus on retail sales, communication devices, phones, cars, travel, and journalism – we may learn about some [likely positive] new development in the early morning. Also, increased communications between partners over military or sports participation. These negotiations will likely go smoothly.

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