May 1-2, 2014 Financial Astrology Predictions and a Few Highlights for the US

Am again caught up in a whirlwind of activities 🙂 , so will be writing more comprehensive May predictions in the upcoming week or so. For now, here are predictions for May 1-2 and a few highlights for the US (May 2014 and several dates in the future).


MAY: In some ways, this month may be less stressful than April. At the same time, there are several tense aspects forming to the US natal chart that indicate problems with or, at the minimum, unexpected changes related to banks and financial system. The most critical dates for the US are May 14-19. These could manifest as several days during which the market direction changes sharply (probably from up to down, although the situation looks better for the global markets than for the US). On a larger scale, this period may bring events that will keep unfolding over the next 1-2 years and may trigger global economic concerns somehow related to US finances, currency, banks, financial system, accumulated wealth/value [of the US as a country], ability of the US to secure its wealth, taxes, tariffs, etc.

Specifically, around May 14-19, we will likely hear about some important changes related to stability of US banks and its financial system regulations. For ex., there may be changes in how US as a country accumulates savings, the value of the dollar, news about entities or citizens withdrawing something of value [gold?] from the US banks, unexpected rate changes, rulings regarding e-currencies, electronic transactions (e-wallets/payments?), technological innovations in the area of banking, etc.

In the past (mid-1930 – early 1931), similar stressful transits to the US chart (transiting Uranus opposing US Saturn, ruler of the 2nd house of finances) coincided with increased internal bank failures, eroding confidence in banks, and bank runs. 😀 Additionally, within about 4 days of the first of the three exact tr. Uranus/US Saturn oppositions of 1930-31, the Smoot–Hawley Tariff act was signed into law (on June 17, 1930). According to Wikipedia (, it raised U.S. tariffs on over 20,000 imported goods to record levels. As a consequence,U.S. trading partners enacted retaliatory tariffs, which are viewed by some as responsible for reducing American exports and imports by more than half.

Whatever bank-, income-, savings-, or financial-system-related issues arise at this time, they will re-emerge again around Oct 1, 2014 and then culminate/reach resolution around Mar 7, 2015. This influence does not necessarily have to be terribly negative and may even manifest as major innovations (e.g., related to modernizing banking technologies, freeing customers to shop on the go I using their phones as wallets, etc.), but this will certainly coincide with significant changes in the US financial system and the way currencies and/or banks function.

In addition to the transiting Uranus-US Saturn opposition, there will be a transiting Pluto-US Sun opposition (strongest effect expected around May 17-18). The last one of these occurred only a few months ago on March 13, 2014, when Dow plunged over 200 points. The concerns at that time were over Ukraine and China – it is likely that similar concerns will re-emerge. Since Pluto is retrograde in May, the effect this time may be somewhat weaker and/or manifest to a lesser degree as a major external problem but more as a period of re-evaluation of the previous approach to resolving international problems. In other words, this may be a time when US will revisit its previous stance regarding international laws, international developments, international engagements, etc.

We may hear about some laws and regulations enacted (international sanctions?). These may trigger concerns about the stability of financial markets. Alternatively, these international regulations may be welcomed with enthusiasm as solutions that will help stabilize the issues (this could result in the rally). Unfortunately, more tense transits to the US chart are coming up in the next several years (e.g., November 2015 looks rather tense for the US and globally; Feb 2016 looks like the time of dramatic changes in the US government; etc.). Thus, any international regulations implemented at this time will likely not be the end-all solution but will instead be the beginning of long-term economic changes.


May 1 (Thur): Medium influence; market may possibly go up (60%).

May 2 (Fr): Medium influence; market may possibly go down (60-65%). The down influence intensifies toward the end of the day, probably due to some depressing or serious news (likely related to banks, financial systems, taxes, mines, spying, underground activities, or even a death of a leader). Today, practical thinking and concerns about long-term savings will likely prevail, which often coincides with the market going down.

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