Financial Astrology Predictions — November 1, 2013

A quick post for November 1, 2013 — will write complete predictions for November over the weekend 🙂

November 1: The market may possibly go up (55-60%). A busy news day, with increased communications about mines/hidden things/things dug up from below/etc., government control and/or investments. Some announcement is especially likely around 12:30-12:42pm EST.

NOVEMBER: At a glance,

Nov 14- 15 [♀☌♇,☐♅] stand out as relatively stressful dates, with the market likely going down (60-65%). This influence is stronger on the 14th and may affect global markets more than the US. This influence may manifest as concerns about money or unexpected news about money, among other things. The transit may also bring nuclear power-related news more into the headlines, but since it is Venus energizing the Pluto-Uranus square, I‘d expect these news to be of positive nature (e.g., some entity spends money or offers help to deal with the issue).

Nov 25 [☿☌♄] possibly a down day (60%) on some sober news (esp. in the first half of the day through about 1pm) – the news will not be terribly bad though – more about limiting (in an easy/soft/non-violent/diplomatic way) the exuberant mood and/or desire to overspend, toning down the optimism, reducing expectations, or calling for a more mature/logical analyses of the spending situation. In sum, expectations will be adjusted down, but there will still be hopeful mood (to become even more optimistic on Nov 26-early 28th, when the market will probably go up, esp. the 27th).

Nov 27-28 [♀☍♃] stand out as relatively more optimistic/happy mood days, with market likely going up (especially on the 27) (60%); at least, people may feel like overindulging and overspending.

USA: A brief look at the transits to the USA chart for the rest of the month shows some increased tension or action around

Nov 19-21 (financial system/banks [e.g., money isn’t flowing very smoothly, there’s some obstacle] as well as anger/ upset/call for action/emotions running high),

Nov 22-23 (possible anger/upset over real estate, contaminated water or food supply, over lies/deceptions; alternatively, increased activity/action/decision related to healthcare/ pharmaceuticals/drugs), and

Nov 28-30 (USA potentially more prominent in international news than usual and/or there is increased focus on communications/travel (e.g., cars, airplanes, etc.)/sales/electronics (e.g., cell phones) – either some action is taken, or possibly there’s some surprise).

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1 Response to Financial Astrology Predictions — November 1, 2013

  1. tolstunka says:

    Well, I didn’t expect this specific manifestation, but apparently there was a shooting at the main Los Angeles airport and the “incident began at 9:30 a.m.” PDT (12:30pm New York time) ( This, obviously, resulted in some flight delays.

    Astrologically, the North Node (public gathering/public announcement), along with the Sun (core energy/masculine approach/yang) & Mercury (news/travel/communications) were crossing the Midheaven (chart set for NYC) (public awareness/being in the limelight) at that time. Sun & Mercury conjunction in 9 degree of Scorpio was also aspecting/energizing the tense Uranus/Pluto square (exact Oct 31-Nov 1), in 9 degree of Capricorn/Aries, respectively. The waning trine from Mars (anger/violence) in 10 degree of Capricorn to Pluto probably added some aggressive energy; this aspect is separating, however, and the trine is a “soft”/harmonious aspect, both of which supportive of resolving the issue quickly.

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