August 1-2, 2013–Financial astrology predictions

A quick post for the first two days of Aug– will only have the time to look at the whole month comprehensively over the weekend.

For USA, things don’t look too bad–transits are more in favor of an up move both Thursday and Friday (55-60%).

Two things to note—(1) transiting Mars will square Uranus at about midnight EST on Aug 1–this indicates stress (so EU & Asian markets may go down, cos they’d feel it more during the hours when the market is open; for the USA, this may dampen the mood in the morning, but negative effects should ease off by the end of the day).

On Aug 1, there may also be increased chance of accidents, problems with leaders, protests, which may involve real-estate and banks/loans (esp. for housing-related financing). Some people may vocalize their frustration with their country leaders over trying some innovative approach that may be perceived as too radical (Uranus in Aries) and/or as something that has not been tried before. There may be a concern that this new radical approach may somehow destabilize the country and endanger its safety and security, rattle it “basis/core” in some way, incl. things like banks, savings, loans, housing, and general security (Mars in Cancer).

(2) In Aug in general, we have Jupiter opposition Pluto approaching exact, in Cancer/Capricorn — this again puts emphasis on banks, savings, loans, housing, real estate, and how government regulates any related issues – there will likely be an expansion in this area, economically speaking. Certainly, I expect issues involving real-estate, loans/rates affecting housing, and what government is doing about it (any sort of regulations that may limit the expansion) to be more prominent in the news–like how should this matter be regulated, is government suppressing the growth in the area of housing, are banks getting enough support to be able to lend money to support housing growth, should there be some major overhaul of government regulations of the banks and/or loans for real-estate, etc.

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