Stock market predictions July 1-5, 2013: Financial Astrology

I had to work over the weekend, so am a bit too exhausted at the moment to do a thorough full-month predictions post for July. I will work on that over the next few days. [Aww… after I wrote this, I checked the stats and saw an increased number of visitors to my blog today… probably people looking for July predictions, and I feel bad now 😦 ]

To keep things fun in the meantime, here are predictions for the 1st week of July. I am also including a few observations I had previously made in the comment section of the June 2013 predictions post.

Reviewing my June predictions, I see yet again that for the US market, transits to the US chart largely over-write other planetary influences. This is particularly relevant to note this month, as some really positive Jupiter transits are coming up for the US in July.

JULY—upcoming Jupiter transits to the US chart (from my comments on the June post):

“…several nice transiting Jupiter (expansion) conjunctions coming up to US Venus (Jul 7-8), Jupiter (Jul 18-21), and Sun (Aug 27). While there are multiple other indicators to look at (e.g., heliocentric transits), generally these conjunctions should bring some very positive news and/or optimism [regardless of the economic outlook] for the US…”

“I see that Bernanke’s rate-policy testimony is set for July 17-18 (, when he will ‘discuss the economy before the House Financial Services panel.’

July 21 is the Jupiter return date for the US (completion of a 12-year Jupiter orbit cycle)–typically a time of supreme optimism, financial abundance, wonderful new opportunities for expansion, etc. Since the 21st is Sun, the influence will be felt the strongest at the end of the business week (17-19). Generally, I would expect a very optimistic feeling and US market up around then (regardless of the economic news)–some happy celebratory mood. Now, I see that there will be a stressful Venus square Pluto heliocentric transit on the 19th (Fr), so this may throw a wrench into the jubilation (more so globally), but overall, I expect some upbeat news/mood in the US markets during those days.”


July 1 (Mon): Market down, 70-75%. Influence is strongest in the morning.

Venus (money) in Leo (fun, creativity, gambling, speculation, shiny things such as gold) will square Saturn (limitation) in Scorpio (loans, debt, hidden places/issues such as mines) = concerns about financial stability and/or availability of money [especially for loans], probably bad for gold prices; and,

Sun (life energy, power) in Cancer (home, land, farm, food, realestate) will oppose Pluto (death, transformation, control) in Capricorn (government, large corporations, structure, steel, rocks) = increased likelihood of violence, upsets, anger [at the government] and/or reforms related to government. This too is bad for gold prices, since Sun rules Leo and both are related to gold, astrologically.

USA: Jul 1-2, Mars will be squaring US Neptune (ruler of the 4th house of land and real-estate) = could manifest as some tensions related to real-estate, such as push to have something done to improve this area or some stressful news.

July 2 (Tue): Up, 55% – the influence is weak. Nothing super positive or negative is happening necessarily, although the stressful Mars transit to US Neptune may still be felt today. Sun is approaching a tense square with Uranus, but it should be felt the strongest on Wed. Since Monday’s influence looks so distressing, Tue may well be a rebound day, hence up overall.

USA: Venus will conjunct US North Node = could manifest as an announcement coming out of some conference/meeting, possibly related to rules on speculation/market. Any such announcement is likely to be positive (e.g., that the country is moving in the right direction, that it is accomplishing its goals, that the meeting was a success, some agreement has been reached, etc.).

July 3 (Wed): Down, 55% – the influence is relatively weak. Sun (life energy, power) in Cancer (home, land, farm, food, real-estate) will square Uranus (sudden changes, abrupt endings) in Aries (leadership, new projects, military) = could bring unexpected news about leadership and/or sudden changes/endings to some new ventures or an unexpected turn in the direction (e.g., country leaders unexpectedly decide to begin or end some military activities). Since Sun is receiving a stressful aspect here, gold, again, may have a bad day, although Uranus is a planet of surprises, so some unexpected news is possible too.

July 5 (Fr): Up, 55% – the influence is weak, although the effect of transiting Jupiter approaching US Venus (major optimism, positive financial news, high hopes about abundance of money, overspending, etc.) may begin to be felt. We should see the strongest effect on July 8-9, but a prelim effect on Fr. is possible as well.

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