Apple (AAPL): late Feb – March 2013 (updated with some April-May 2013 insights)

Just noticed that in the upcoming weeks there are a few aspects to Apple’s astro chart (,_Shares). A super-short prediction:

ok, a few more:

EDIT on March 08, 2013:

Certainly, it may be worth looking at $AAPL astrological chart closer–something may be coming up very soon:

I may look into this further, as there is tons of activity in the Apple stock’s astro chart (several progressions and transits all converge on the same dates–good indicator of some events). In general, some developments are likely coming up late March and in May of 2013. I can already see that 2nd week of May and May 23-24 will be important times. May have to do with identity change or new business approach; something to do with communications (iPhone-related?); May 23-24 could be a bit upsetting.

Regarding April–brief look reveals multiple transits to the charts of $AAPL as well as its CEO Tim Cook–this, again, indicates increased activity for the company and the stock. In particular, 2nd week will see tense aspects to the stock’s chart (esp. Apr 11)–distress/upset, likely associated with company’s image/corporate matters (restructuring? leadership issues?). Tim Cook will feel that week fairly generous & hopeful, and/or, wanting more freedom. He may overpromise something or overspend (buy or sell too much of something).

The following week, Apr 15-19, Tim will feel some heavy burden of responsibility–it could be a somewhat difficult time for him, requiring extra focus and effort–he may either accomplish some very heavy/difficult tasks, or, he may feel like the load on his shoulders is just too heavy. Another possibility is that Tim may feel that he can now, finally, manifest some vision dear to him, or, he may feel that his beautiful precious vision is crushed by the harsh reality. Either way, important week for Tim (and hence, for the company).

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2 Responses to Apple (AAPL): late Feb – March 2013 (updated with some April-May 2013 insights)

  1. tolstunka says:

    Well, so far we saw a pm rally on Feb 26 and March 11. On Feb 26, there was some rumor about the stock split; March 11 rally apparently had to do with expectations that Apple will soon share some of its cash with investors (see more at On 03-11-13, Apple shares climbed 1.42 percent to close at $437.87.

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