Dream about a silver coin

I wanted to share an interesting lucid dream from a few days ago. In it, I found a silver coin shaped like a sole of an oriental-style pointy-toe slipper (the coin was flat). I was trying to read the writings on the coin to figure out which country it was from. It had some ornate writings (or designs) on it and also, written in all caps in English, “ANA,” then, I looked closer and it read “GANA.” I was getting an impression that the shape represented the country’s outline; although not the solid area, rather, the country was composed of several islands, with the overall outline looking like a shoeprint. I asked what country that was—I said, “Is it [a group of islands] to the West of Scotland?” and got the silent/telepathic answer from some male [ a guide? who knows]—“No, it’s from Shambhala.”

So I googled GANA the next morning (obviously, I am aware of Ghana, but the location didn’t seem to be Africa). I found there is an island named Canna off of the West coast of Scotland (there doesn’t seem to be anything about it that immediately strikes me as relevant; its shape is elongated, but not quite like what I saw). I also found that one of the meanings of the word “gana” is “gathering/assembly” in Sanskrit. This makes sense, since the shape was, supposedly, representing a group of islands, and also because it relates to the same part of the world (Asia).

Clearly, this was a pleasant and positive dream, although I have no idea why I would ask about Scotland. I’ve never heard of Canna before or pondered the meaning of “gana.” Nothing I did the night or even weeks before was related to Scotland, Sanskrit, etc. The only thing I can think of is that I bought a print of a painting called “Horse of Happiness,” by Roerich, a little over a month prior to the dream—that’s an obvious Tibetan connection, although it wasn’t on my conscious mind, especially with the holidays. Something must’ve seeped through into my dream, but the Scotland reference still puzzles me 🙂

p.s. I just thought of something! Hahaha… May be it means I am supposed to buy silver… lol 😀 No, I think this was more of an inspiration type dream.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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2 Responses to Dream about a silver coin

  1. tolstunka says:

    Had another revelation 😀 As I was passing a bank earlier today, I saw a sign that said “Gana… [blah blah]”—apparently, in Spanish, “él/ella gana” means “he/she wins/gains/earns/gets/acquires.” Makes sense, because it relates to the coin being a valuable object, although not clear why in Spanish(?)

    In the dream, I actually saw 3 coins (2 other coins were round—one white and one silver-ish). The following night I dreamt of 3 sets of numbers—it was a bit hard to see, but I think they were 197, 297, and 695.

  2. tolstunka says:

    Found 6 pennies on a seat in public transit abt a month back… Apparently, a sixpence is a symbol of good luck–I’ll take that 🙂

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