Stock market predictions 2012: Financial astrology

Ok, so here are 1st quarter 2012 highlights in more detail & some important points to consider re the rest of the year (or at least through the end of Oct; that’s as far as I’ve gotten 🙂 ). This is based on straight-up reading of ephemeris, no other methods were considered. This is not an exhaustive list, but what jumped at me as some key dates when market reversals are very likely; the direction is my best guess based on previous market direction changes under similar conditions.


January 9 (Mon): Greater than average likelihood of upsetting/unexpected news; may affect the market by sending it lower.

January 13 (Fr): Low, reversal up (the next trading day).

February 10 (Fr): High, reversal down (the next trading day).

February 14-15 (Tue-Wed): Low, reversal up (the next trading day).

February 23 (Thur): Low, but may not be too bad; greater than average likelihood of upsetting news and/or news about some military activities (also about weapons, iron, etc. things ruled by Mars).

March 2-5 (Fr-Mon): Low, reversal up (the next trading day). Likely some news will be expected on Fr—confirmed over the weekend (possibly upsetting and/or news that instill fear about restrictions/lack of money or not enough progress, etc.)—and may end up sending market even lower on Mon.

March 12-14 (Mon-Wed): High, reversal down (the next trading day). Likely a MAJOR market max for months to come. There may also be some reversal on the decision and/or follow-up on the news that came out over the weekend of March 3-4—perhaps more time is granted, something is postponed to further re-assess the situation, etc.

Week of March 19: May see more news than average (possibly ongoing communication about and/or the same issue from March 3-4 is being revisited). Market will probably be going down progressively, esp. on Thur-Fr (March 22-23).



Summer-fall will likely be rough times for the market and there will likely be some worrisome news in other domains (e.g., weather; some other instability; accidents, incl. nuclear-related fears; etc.). End of May through end of Oct seems especially troubling. Specifically, some dates to look out for are:

June 22 (Fr), July 16-17 (Mon-Tue), and the week of August 13 (esp. beginning). I expect these to coincide with MAJOR market lows, esp. the week of Aug 13. Am not sure about reversals up right after—if there are, they will likely be not of great magnitude and/or short-lived.


As always, check astro aspects (e.g., transits, progressions, etc.) to YOUR chart to see if a particular time is favorable for engaging in trading activities for YOU (or for your company, etc.). Above all—we are always in charge of our destiny, so ultimate outcome of any activities is up to us.


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12 Responses to Stock market predictions 2012: Financial astrology

  1. tolstunka says:

    It’s noteworthy that on March 5 and March 23-25, transiting Uranus will square Venus and oppose Pluto+Moon conjunction in Greece’s natal chart, respectively. Both of these times have already been mentioned as likely “down” days for the market (by “market,” I mean mainly DJI and entities with similar trading pattern). Given the attention to developments in Greece, the fact that these same dates coincide with negative aspects to Greece’s chart is interesting and supports the expectation of the market at a low.

  2. vijay sahota says:

    March 12th, 2012 looks like a key date as that day is now the proposed date for the Greek debt swap. Creditors need to accept a healthy reduction in bond holdings, and Greece will get the required funds to avoid a default on payments due in the third week of March. Very bullish for the markets if this goes through as most analysts expect.

    ‘Greek debt swap on March 12’

  3. vijay sahota says:

    Hi, love reading your blogs. What astrological set up will manifest on March 22nd +/- 2 days?

    Thank you Tolstunka!

    We are not worthy of such immaculate accuracy.

    • tolstunka says:

      Am very flattered–thanks 🙂 The time will tell how accurate my predictions are 😀 I do plan on revisiting my quarterly predictions with a follow-up post to go over what actually happened on those dates.

      Re March 22 +-2 days–I don’t see any major tense aspects forming on those dates. There is a new Moon on the 22nd (typically coincides w/increased market activity, even if just in volume), and Sun will conjunct Mercury (news/increased communicaiton/negotiations) on 21 & conjunct Uranus on 24 (unexpected event/shock/surprise). So nothing to indicate (to me) a sudden huge drop, but since the week of March 19 will follow the high I expect to occur arnd March 12-13, I would say it is more likely that the overall trend will be down that week. It could very well be flat, but I am not expecting a rally.

      Also, Sun will square Pluto on March 29 (violence/fear); and then Venus will square Neptune on Apr 6 (full Moon), w/Mars being close to an opposition to Neptune (some deception/confusion; possibly wanting peace/money [Venus], but not sure [Neptune] what action [Mars] to take to obtain it)–this to me is a Low/Down day signature. While these are quick-passing aspects, they, in my view, support the expectation that there won’t be a big upward rally following March 12-13 peak.

  4. vijay sahota says:

    Thank you. Do you cover gold and silver and do you see anything happening with precious metals in the next few months. Right now Gold and Silver appear to be flat….but for how long?

    • tolstunka says:

      I don’t have a particular preference as to what to apply astrology to–it’s just the matter of finding time to analyse a whole different set of data points & figure out a pattern (more or less) for that entity. Time permitting, I may write a separate post on gold and/or silver.

      Since I do things by hand, it takes time. If one has access to these data (astro & market prices) in the form of files, as well as access to statistical software, such [basic] analysis (e.g., correlations & regressions) can be performed in minutes (difference in interplanetary ecliptic longitude would be one set of predictor variables).

      Very generally, in the past, I noticed that silver (SLV to be specific) was behaving differently in reponse to the same astro aspects compared to DJI and/or GLD. GLD followed DJI a lot of the time–so my general predictions could well apply to gold. A few notable deviations occured when the aspects were really stressful (like could be this summer)–DJI went down, but GLD went up. Now, those were just a few observations, so further analysis is requied.

  5. lak says:

    Thank you so much . Like u said market went down last few days ago . So you think we topped already in the US markets ? What do you see from april on wards. What about the oil and gold in future. Does the oil go up further?

    • tolstunka says:

      All good questions 😀 March 12-13, 2012 is when I think we’ll see a high. March 13 especially looks like a busy day, with several planets in the same degree of their respective signs (so they are forming many inter-aspects). To me, this looks like a reversal point.

      With the ongoing stressful square bet. Pluto & Uranus (was also occuring during G. Depression 1932-34), I would say, an “overall” long-term (thru 2017) down trend is more likely. That said, with Jupiter (expansion/positive vibes) moving relatively faster than P&U, am sure there will be “pockets” of feel-good aspects bringing market up here-n-there, as Jupiter moves around the zodiac & forms supportive aspects to cheer things up.

      One slightly concerning thing is that Pluto & Uranus also signify, symbolically, radioactivity. Perhaps, their long-lasting square relates to the long-term efforts to keep Fukushima reactors under control and/or radiation clean up; hopefully, we won’t see any escalation during the particularly stressful dates, like when the P&U square is precise and/or triggered by Mars. That surely would bring markets down.

      I am planning on posting general Quarter 2 predictions, so that will cover April. I may also write separately on gold, possibly oil, depending on how much time I have and how clear the pattern is. For oil, something like aspects bet. Jupiter & Neptune (and their movement through the signs) might be a good starting place to look–the more data points you take into account, the more accurate the predictions. 🙂

      • lak says:

        Thank you so much for taking time and replying with kindness.God bless you and all. Like you mentioned the market did indeed seems like topped yesterday and today. Please check this link and write your opinion. Here is the link —
        Thanks and have a blessed day and life.

  6. vijay sahota says:

    Looks like Market concerns from March 2-5 being slow European economic growth re-emerged this week as you predicted. You stated the market would fall on 22nd-23rd progressively and today was the first real sign of weakness in a while. Do you see this continuing?

    • tolstunka says:

      Sorry about the late reply–yep, still think the summer will see a major drop in the market. Also, I don’t see any strong supportive aspects to move market up significantly or for a sustained period of time (as we had last Oct., and in March ’12, with trine bet. Jupiter & Pluto).

      I just posted 2nd quarter predictions for 2012, so feel free to check out the details there. June looks the worst for Q2–not just the market, but there could be some stressful event(s) coming, possibly due to bad weather (like flooding).

  7. tolstunka says:

    @lak–sorry for taking so long to reply. Re link–it looks like Raj-ji has done a thorough job analyzing various cycles–I think this approach can certainly be useful and may provide greater confidence in one’s analyses/conclusions.

    On a philosophical level, my personal belief is that we create our relality, so ultimately, the exact prediction method makes no difference–it is only as good as we believe it to be. That’s because there is nothing to “predict”–the future is what we want it to be. It is fun, however, to use astrology to observe the synchronicities–for me, it is a sign of how perfect everything is and how things are beautifully connected. Blessings to you as well & also lots of joy and fun!! 😀

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