Stock market highs: End of October 2011 & mid March 2012

A closer look at October, 2011, astro patterns indicates that there will be an overall upward trend (i.e., for DJI) from mid-Oct through about Oct 26-31, 2011 (the 28th will probably be the max, if I had to pick one date), with the mood for the first week of Nov still staying pretty positive.

Week of Nov 7 will likely see a decrease in the optimism, with some confusion (e.g., about what to do, invest or not) possible on Mon, Nov 7. I expect that there will be more news than usual about floods and/or religion that Mon as well.

I expect the end of October, 2011 to see an upward move mainly due to the retrograde Jupiter trining Pluto (there are other aspects too, but I want to keep this simple). Last trine coincided with a DJI high on July 7, 2011, with an upward move beginning about 2 degrees before the trine was exact; DJI stayed relatively high for about 2 degrees after the planets were separating from the trine.

Since in October, 2011 Jupiter will be retrograde, the upward move may not be as strong as it was preceeding July 7, because the optimism will be more cautious. However, I think there will definitely be a nice upward move from mid-Oct to end-Oct.


Looking further forward, mid-March 2012 will see an even greater upward move in DJI. The max will likely be March 13-14, 2012. Not only will this coincide with a transiting direct Jupiter forming a trine with Pluto, but also Venus will conjunct Jupiter at the same time, and Mars will be trining both Jupiter and Pluto.

With a grand trine in earth signs, this will be a good time to make a long-term investment, buy a business or land or property (e.g., a farm, a building), open a new business (e.g., a store that sells practical yet nice clothes, or farming/gardening/construction equipment, etc.–the keyword is “practical”). Good time for companies to get incorporated and/or begin public trading on the stock market. The ones that do, should be very profitable, with few obstacles & things running smoothly in general. Similarly, this is a good time for getting married, etc. Individual outcomes may vary, of course, but on a larger scale, this is a very harmonious time for long-term success.

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Just very very talented... what can I do? :) Recently learned that my nakshatra is Purva Phalguni, in case you were wondering...
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7 Responses to Stock market highs: End of October 2011 & mid March 2012

  1. tolstunka says:

    Well, looking back (as of Nov 5, 2011), we see that DJI rose 12% from Oct 3 to Oct 28, 2011, and 7% from Oct 14 to Oct 28, 2011 (note that as predicted, Oct 28 was a MAX for Oct [looking at DJI daily average]; in fact, on Oct 28 DJI was at its highest in 3 months, since Aug 1, 2011). Thus, it seems that Jupiter-Pluto trine did bring market up in the weeks preceding the exact aspect (which occurred on Oct 28).

    I do expect an even stronger upward move in March of 2012.

  2. vijay sahota says:

    it looks like you were spot on. Congratulations. However, if you could explain to us what you see know ‘oh wise one.’ Do you still see the market topping out mid march or has anything changed?

    Thank you, Vijay.

    • tolstunka says:

      Yeah–wise I am… lol 😀

      Thanks for your comment. By now, you may have seen my more recent post with 1st quarter 2012 predictions–yes, I am still expecting the top to occur around March 13. I have also provided a few dates for this summer, which I expect to be rather nerve-wracking for many investors. Of course, market drops will present great opportunities to go short.

      • vijay sahota says:

        Interesting, I have read your predictions and you are very accurate. Now with the market top due Mid March, how long do you see the weakness lasting?

  3. tolstunka says:

    @vijay sahota (re Feb 21, 2012 comment)
    I haven’t analyzed astro data (planetary inter-aspects) in depth to specifically try to predict long-term market moves. I think, however, that the more recent market “weakness” is likely related to the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square, which is considered to be a stressful aspect (side note: these two squared each other in 1932-34). This aspect will remain active till about March of 2017. The square isn’t precise all the time. At times when it is precise and/or the degrees of these two planets are triggered (aspected) by other planets, especially slower-moving ones, we can expect more pronounced market moves (e.g., April 2014 looks “eventful” 🙂 ).

    I encourage you to look at past DJI performance vs. astrological ephemeris, and analyze the patterns. For example, Uranus and Saturn were in a square during 1930-31, which coincided with a drop in DJI; when Uranus and Saturn formed an opposition (also a stressful aspect) in 2008-09, DJI dropped also.

    Some resources: offers free charts & downloadable Swiss ephemeris you can use to build your own software or import them into other software, for analyses, if desired. Ray Merriman has done & published some analyses and offers tons of info, including free weekly previews ( I know that Alphee Lavoi ( offers some astro-trading software (I know they have it, but not much more than that).

  4. tolstunka says:

    Came across another useful resource while looking for something unrelated: “February/March U.S. Forecast & New Moon Report” by Celeste Teal (a good thorough astrologer–I have a few of her books) at

    She expects “excitable developments” on March 14, 2012 🙂

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