December 27, 2021 – January 2, 2022: Weekly financial astrology predictions   


Global: Video with 2021 predictions on my YouTube channel. 2022 annual predictions to come out soon (days around April 4, 2022 & August 1, 2022 look especially significant and eventful)! Happy New Year to All! 🥳😄

For ongoing background influences for 2018-2035, see Long Term Astrology Forecast post (no new entries this week). It will be updated as I come up with new long-term predictions. If I do, I’ll mention that the long-term forecast was updated



DEC 27, 2021 (MON): Medium influence; market may go up (55-60%). 

Dec 21-28, 2021 — Focus on financial regulations, debt, loans, rates, tariffs, savings, and bank assets — there may be some concerns about taxes, insurance, insolvency, financial manipulations, fraud, and so on. The concerns may have be about the adequacy of some safety measures (to protect the value of assets), governmental regulations, or financial stability of some large established entity. We may also hear about some financial policy (policies) being under review or in-the-works — to be effective as of or put in place in around March 2, 2022. If some financial agreement is being negotiated at this time, there may be an element of manipulation, blackmailing, or using underhanded activities to finalize it. Lastly, the value of products or services related to mining, recycling, underground storage, etc. may go up, but there may be a delay with receiving the funds or some other hiccup that can hurt the profits (e.g., a deal to sell coal at a higher price is reached, but the delivery can’t occur until later, with the price revised to lower at the time of the actual delivery). 

Dec 15-31, 2021 — Possible concerns about losses, service outages, breakdowns, changes in regulation, delays, and/or drop in value for areas related to IT, telecoms, airlines, aircraft makers, aerospace projects, high tech, electric companies, electronics, computers, digital services, digital assets, etc. We may also hear about problems, regulations (e.g., embargo, quotas, tariffs, price controls, etc.), supply shortages, delivery delays, or sudden value fluctuations involving lumber, coal, mining, minerals, steel, rare earths, other metals with industrial applications (e.g., aluminum, copper, titanium, and nickel), and large equipment/machinery that uses metals/stone/rocks, construction equipment/projects, steel manufacturing, or projects that require steel/metals/stone/lumber. Issues can include sudden supply disruptions, imposed or suspended tariffs, embargoes, industrial disasters, accidents involving large metal objects (planes, bridges, tall buildings, etc.), sudden loss of value, supply shortages, projects slowed or suspended, etc. The nature of the problems may involve worn out or corroded metal parts, regulations that are suddenly applied or lifted, large objects made of metal/stone/ice falling from great heights (e.g., an avalanche, rockslide, mudslide, crash, etc.), or some large structures (e.g., a building, bridge, network, bank, governmental entity) becoming imbalanced and collapsing (e.g., due to some worn out metal part giving way, storm, electric current, data overload, earthquake, or some shocking/unexpected event).

Crypto: Dec 15-31, 2021 — Possible drop as Saturn square Uranus becomes exact again (on Dec 25). Prior exact square in late June – early July of 2021 coincided with a low for Bitcoin and Ethereum. Uranus in Taurus (digital currencies, fintech, digital assets, online banking, innovative approaches to finance, sudden ups and downs in asset value, etc.) squared by Saturn in Aquarius (regulations, constraints, losses due to some idea or project seen as too radical/ revolutionary/unpredictable, limitations or delays due to internet or cloud services outages, conservative/practical approach to technology) indicates problems for innovative/non-traditional approaches to currencies, digital assets, and their exchange. We may hear about increased governmental or corporate regulations of the cryptocurrencies, limitations placed on how they can be used, service provider experiencing outages, increased governmental monitoring, or some other problems that may bring down the value of cryptocurrencies or other digital assets not tied to something physical in nature. 

Global/USA: December of 2021 — Increased focus on gold (and silver) prices and the value of US dollar. Gold (and silver) prices may reverse around mid-December. This may be related to some monetary policy changes in the US and/or changes in the value of USD. Some issue(s) related to rates and financial policies that have previously come up in April and in August may be revisited and reach a final resolution/peak in December. 

USA: Dec 6-31 (esp. 10-15), 2021 — Increased news related to communication/transportation, international partnerships, retail sales, commerce, currency value and/or financial policies. The news may involve concerns about over-spending, over-extension, over-regulation, some asset’s value being  overhyped, inflation, etc. We may also hear about regulatory changes related to digital assets, incl. cryptocurrencies, such as how these assets are treated, accounted for, and audited. This may affect USD value (possibly down), crypto value (possibly down), as well as push investors to focus more strongly on something that is perceived as more stable, not over-valued, or more tangible. In particular, there may be increased interest in gold, silver, real-estate, land [to grow food], or something that is perceived to preserve the value in volatile times. On Dec 19, 2021 (+-1 day), there may be a reversal in some financial policy, or implementation may be suspended pending additional inquiry. If so, the issue may be revisited and settled around Mar 2, 2022 (+- couple of days) — at that time, finalization of some financial policy, enforcement of crypto regulations, implementation of some aggressive policies related to rates/loans/debt, or change in leadership [at a large financial institution or governmental entity] may have a significant effect on the markets (possibly resulting in a large drop).  

USA: Dec 25, 2021 (+- couple of days) — Increased news about IT, telecoms, airlines, aircraft makers, aerospace projects, high tech, electric power companies, electronics, computers, social media, cloud service providers, etc. We may hear about sudden service outages, losses, accidents, problems, breakdowns, contract terminations, new surprising plans, unexpected changes in leadership, changes in contracts, etc. These changes may be due to some new leaders acting aggressively, taking new risks, and proposing ambitious new plans. New leaders, plans or contracts may focus on weapons, military, sports, and/or space exploration in conjunction with high tech solutions, use of advanced electronics, electric batteries, airplanes, rockets, drones, AI, robots, etc. (space force? asteroid mining? new satellites?) Some existing partnerships or contracts in these areas may be canceled or redefined to better fit some new vision (something that’s more ambitious, more assertive, riskier, tougher).

USA: Dec 23-27 (esp. the 25th), 2021 — Focus on new leaders, new beginnings, new projects, new partnerships, and new vision/goals for the next 2.5yrs or so. There may be announcements about cutting edge or riskier approaches, especially in the areas perceived as typically more masculine/aggressive (such as military/sports) and involving aerospace/IT/high tech (some sort of technology competition? race to develop some high tech/space gadget?). Also, increased news about airlines, aerospace projects, IT, telecoms, aircraft makers, high tech, electric companies, electronics, computers, digital services, etc. We may hear about new approaches, initiatives, or products that feature higher speeds, faster development, military or sports applications; and/or products that are used in dangerous/heated situations (e.g., fireworks, fire fighting, military campaigns, racing, etc.). For ex., this may be a contract to develop some flying weapons or drones for the military, technology to explore asteroids, cloud services for the military, high tech gadgets/vehicles for athletic competitions, etc. New contracts/deals may be announced or old ones may be cancelled; there is also an increased potential for accidents in these areas (e.g., plane crash, racing crash, e-vehicle/batteries catching fire, etc.).

DEC 28, 2021 (TUE): Medium influence; market may go up (55%).

Dec 28-29, 2021 — Focus on commerce, retail sales, communication/transportation, education, as well as mining, recycling, insurance, taxes, fees, rates, and mortgages. There may be concerns about the available credit, cash available for borrowing, and/or ability of some entity (esp. governmental or a large corporation) to pay off its debt. We may hear about some financial activity that may seem a bit off or even fraudulent — this may involve a situation where some money/cash/financing is made to seem as available while it’s not [at least not until early March 2022]. Sort of like a promise of a payment for which the funds aren’t yet available, or, a trade deal for which the funds haven’t yet been secured.

USA: Dec 28-29, 2021 — Focus on negotiations, trade or financial deals; disagreements about the value or terms of some contract. Deals with partners may be reached but the profits may end up being less than anticipated or the price/value may be revised later. At this time, it may be hard to agree about the exact value or tp accurately estimate costs. The areas where these deals or negotiations may occur will probably involve communication/transportation, commerce, and education. 

DEC 29, 2021 (WED): Medium influence; market may go down (60%). Concerns about debt, credit, rates, and crypto value (probably a drop).

DEC 30, 2021 (TH): Medium influence; market may go up (55-60%).

Dec 30, 2021 – Jan 7, 2022 (esp. Jan 3-5) — Jupiter re-enters Pieces and squares Moon Nodes in Gemini/Sagittarius — Increased news about legal decisions, lawsuits, lawyers, immigration, foreign relations, education, and long distance transportation/shipments. Prominent individuals related to the areas above (e.g., celebrities involved in lawsuits, judges, lawyers, ambassadors, diplomats, CEOs of large transportation companies, etc.) may be featured in the news, and there may be multiple significant announcements related to communication/transportation activities. For ex., we may hear about new international regulations on travel [possibly due to concerns about the COVID pandemic], changes in the laws governing immigration or traveling abroad, changes in regulations on shipping some chemical/medicine, regulations affecting oil/gas industry or delivery, and/or, lawsuits/regulations for social media companies that have users in multiple countries. We may also hear about some important international negotiations or deals that affect large groups of people — this may may be related to oil, gas, pharma, healthcare, chemicals, and/or communication/transportation. Lastly, there may be significant weather events and disasters involving excessive precipitation, tsunami, fog, confusion, miscommunication, etc. These stressful situations may result in maritime accidents, travel disruptions, crashes, poisonings (e.g., due to a chemical leak, improper dosage of some medicine, improper mixture of some chemical ingredients, etc.), or other communication or transportation problems (e.g., a large oil spill, a massive gas leak, a spill of contaminated water, industrial disaster leading to the spread of some poisonous gas or liquid, or a plane or train crash due to language barrier, a major drug trafficking bust, etc.). With Jupiter in Pisces square to Moon Nodes, the events that take place at this time (e.g., an oil spill) may be hard to properly investigate and address, yet they may affect large groups of people or be featured in the news in many countries due to their global significance. Locations that may be affected the most include medical/chemical research labs, hospitals, chemical plants, navy, ships, bodies of water, islands/coastal areas, oil rigs, oil tankers, oil/gas pipes, places of worship, monasteries, prisons, retirement facilities, recycling plants, and waste storage facilities. Finally, expect increased news about excessive precipitation causing problems for communication/transportation, retail sales, and education (e.g., because of closures).

China: Dec 30, 2021 – Jan 1, 2022 — Difficulties with international partners, delays in reaching agreements, increased chance of strong earthquakes, corporations announcing restructuring plans, removal of old leaders, ending of or upsets related to projects that use outdated/unsafe technologies, or, problems due to worn-out conditions of some buildings. For ex., some accident highlights the need to use less polluting technology or to modernize recycling technology, there is a fire at a lab/hospital/underground waste storage location due to outdated/unsafe protocols or due to an old structure not providing adequate support/protection, an industrial disaster releases pollutant into environment, or other similar events. 

DEC 31, 2021 (FR): Medium influence; market may go up (55-60%).

Crypto: Dec 31, 2021 to Jan 3, 2022, there may be a relatively large move for Bitcoin as Jupiter crosses over its Venus at 0 degree of Pisces. Back in May 2021, this transit coincided with a drop in BTC (in part on concerns about China’s crackdown on cryptocurrency mining and trading). This time, it may actually be a rally as planetary transit to China’s horoscope that occurred in May will not be present this time around (although there are other problematic transits to China’s chart at these exact dates — see above). In any case, there may be increased volatility in BTC value at this time.


>>>> Glance ahead (updated):

Global/USA: Week of Jan 10, 2022 — Increased focus on oil, gas, chemicals, pharma, navy, secretive/deceptive actions, incidents or accidents involving ships/oil/chemicals/gasses/poisons/etc. This time may bring a large market drop (probably in concerns about epidemic) as well as some problematic and dangerous events involving fires, explosions, threats as well as navy, marine transport, oil rigs, oil tanker, gas pipes, chemical storage, places of worship, etc. For ex., fire at a marine or an oil rig, gas pipe leak triggering an explosion, chemical leak leading to water contamination, attack on a navy ship, spying/hacking attack, spike in cases of some infectious disease, etc. These energies may manifest globally but given several precise stressful transits to the US chart, the US may experience more strongly some problems or confusion related to navy, oil, gas, excessive precipitation (esp. massive snow storms or floods), pharma, and/or chemicals. The problems may arise due to unclear communication, bad weather (e.g., fog or excessive precipitation), incorrect guidance (e.g., wrong location), or other errors that are not necessarily intentional but more due to some confusion or receiving incorrect info. Weather-wise, globally and for the US, this week may see significant precipitation (rains, floods, snowstorms).

China: Feb 7-18, 2022 — Financial regulations news, incl. crackdown on the use of crypto or some other regulations that affect currency value.

China: January, 2022 — Focus on improving, investing in, and expanding industries related to IT, telecoms, airlines, aerospace, high tech, electric power companies, electric batteries, electric vehicles, electronics, computers, social media, etc. as well as casinos and local stock market. We may hear about new regulations or laws that favor these businesses, grand plans for expansion, securing international cooperation or contracts, building (or planning to build) the necessary infrastructure, etc. For ex., the plans may include building a new international airport. Generally, this will be a time of expansion, growth, and opportunity for China’s aerospace sector, robotics sector, electric vehicle industry, high tech industry, as well as agricultural and food sectors. We will also hear about significant expansion of projects related to the use and trade of digital assets (incl. domestic cryptocurrency) and entertainment industry (with focus on social media and on-line activities).

Global: Mar 2, 2022 — New Moon with several tense transits: (1) Venus, Mars, and Pluto will conjunct in Capricorn (shakeups, quakes, upsets, protests, increased governmental regulations, concerns about earnings or debt). (2) Mercury conjunct Saturn in Aquarius (delayed flights, disagreements in negotiations, slow transportation, losses or problems for electric cars, telecoms, airline, social media, IT companies, electric payment processing, etc.).  

Global: Mar 31, 2022 — New Moon with Saturn square Moon Nodes and Jupiter within 2 degrees from Neptune. Developments under this new Moon will give a good idea of things to come in the early April, esp. around April 4-5 (see more below), when Mars+Saturn will precisely square Moon Nodes (major shakeup, quake, loss of structural integrity, plane crash, financial loss due to restructuring or layoffs, etc.) & Neptune will closely conjunct Jupiter in Pisces (major floods, oil/chemical/gas leaks, contamination, problems with pharma or drugs due to some excess or laws, problems for religion or places of worship due to some excess or laws, too many ships, excessive precipitation, etc.). With Mars and Saturn squaring Moon Nodes from Aquarius, the shakeup or problem may involve a social media company, an airline, an airspace project, an IT company, an electric car company, etc. There may be news of an accident involving an old part overheating, an object moving at an excessive speed coming to an abrupt stop, a tornado, bad storm, electric storm, lightening strike, sudden loss of power, etc.). The situation may affect large numbers of people, receive widespread news coverage, and result in significant financial losses. Most likely: large quake, plane crash, and/or large financial losses by a social media company or an airline.

Global: Apr 4, 2022 (+- few days) —  Possible major oil spill, chemical attack, major weather event involving excessive precipitation, a large earthquake (with tsunami or floods), or a large-scale industrial accident. As mentioned in the OIL predictions above, around this time (+- few weeks), expect major floods, large-scale oil leaks, flu epidemic or some other infectious disease outbreak, also, an oil price drop due to oil glut. These events may be related (e.g., bad weather affects oil production/transportation and consequently oil prices, or, oil tanker suffers an accident in bad weather and spills large quantities of oil) or they may be independent. 

China: Jun 1 – Dec 23, 2022 & Mar 1 – Jun 1, 2023— Many changes, restructuring, regulations, losses, sudden value changes, and surprising developments related to finance, earnings, banks, farming, and real-estate. Also, increased focus on foreign relations, long distance transportation, and profits from international connections/investments. A time of unexpected/sudden changes in these areas that may bring losses or stricter regulations. 

Updated Global: Aug 1, 2022 (+- few days) — Possible accident, bad weather event, or an industrial disaster involving an airplane or some flying vehicles/objects, electricity, engine, battery, fire, explosion, and excessive speed (where typically slow speed would be expected – such as accelerating too fast or coming to an abrupt stop instead of slowly rolling to a stop). There may also be sudden, surprising, or shocking news involving banks, cryptocurrencies, and finance in general (with focus on digital/on-line solutions). This may involve a sudden cancellation of a project, a business going bankrupt, a company/bank suddenly closing, a valuable asset suddenly sky rocketing or losing all value, a wild swing in the value of some cryptocurrency, a sudden power surge leading to an explosion/fire/power loss, and so on. Lastly, there may be surprising or shocking news involving farming or construction — e.g., a well-known building under construction catches fire, or, production of some food is halted. Update (12.26.21): Weather-wise, this time may see intense tornadoes, storms, and hurricanes triggering massive power and service outages and fires. At the same time, there may be some unexpected announcements affecting financial markets and banks, such as sudden bankruptcies, bank closures, skyrocketing inflation, a currency losing value, etc. Likely, a problematic time for crypto as well — this may be connected to financial policies or developments in China unfolding in July-Aug of 2022 (expect to hear about reorganization, restructuring, reversals in financial policies, sudden financial losses, and so on). Whatever the announcements, things will escalate very quickly [within hours or a few days] and likely contribute to market and crypto volatility. Finally, there may be some exciting announcements about electric vehicles, power plants, aerospace projects, airplanes, and telecoms — either about some super cool, super fast high tech new vehicle, or, about widespread problems/outages/fires.

China: 2022 spring-summer (esp. July-Aug) — Increased probability of significant flooding as well as major accidents and associated financial losses (e.g., due to floods). 

Global: Sep 14 – Oct 30, 2022 (especially in October, in particular Oct 11) — Final pass of Saturn square to Uranus, while Mars+Moon will also square Neptune —> Around Oct 7-15, 2022, expect maritime transportation accidents, fire at an oil rig, oil spill, fighting over oil, anger over oil prices, arguments over oil/gas-related projects, gas leak, chemical incidents, flare up of infectious diseases, concerns about some pharmaceutical, etc. Also, increased risk of a large market drop, esp. around Oct 8-14, 2022.

Global/USA/China/Turkey: Nov 1-11, 2022 (esp. Nov 8, 2022) — Tense time. Increased probability of a large earthquake (esp. for China and Turkey), an industrial accident, plane crash, an airline experiencing problems, or a spike in militarized activities. Total Lunar eclipse will take place on November 8, 2022 and it also happens to be the day when Sun, Moon, and Moon Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will receive multiple difficult transits. The events occurring around a Lunar (or Solar) eclipse are typically considered of greater than usual importance and continue to have an effect for a few months following the eclipse. In the past, under similar transits in August-September 1999, there was a 7.6 earthquake in Turkey (İzmit earthquake on August 17, 1999) and a 7.7 quake in Taiwan (September 21, 1999). In the US, November 8, 2022 is the date of the midterm elections. Globally, there may be increased market volatility and sudden or surprising announcements or value fluctuations involving currencies, crypto, taxes, rates, loans, debt, banks and financial sector. 

USA: 2022-2023 — Difficult and may be even turbulent times. Coincides with Neptune’s (confusion, deception, water, oil, chemicals, etc.) transit through the 4th house of real-estate, land, farming, banks, assets, etc. as well as Pluto return (a major overhaul of all old systems and power structures, a rebirth; may be accompanied by scandals and power struggles at the top). Fluctuation in real-estate prices, problems with the banks and financial institutions (banks under water?), floods destroying land and agriculture, oil spills, chemical poisoning of soil, confusion about the borders (of the country and individual entities, such as states), confusion about the leadership, overhaul of the financial system, power plays among corporate and governmental entities [to gain control over resources / profits], overhaul of the power structures, reform or dismantling of power structures or powerful organizations (such as police, nuclear power plants, and banks), massive tax reforms, and even constitutional changes. This may be a chaotic time, but the events may result in certain outdated power structures and dysfunctional systems being purged/reformed. 



Global: Saturn square Uranus on/off (2021-2022) — Ideological clashes, geopolitical tensions, slow-simmering battle between entities favoring more radical/revolutionary/no limit approach and entities favoring status quo/slow/controlled approach. Scientific advancements in aerospace, IT, high tech, telecoms, etc. but with delays, restrictions, and losses (e.g., a space project suffers a loss, which leads to tighter regulations and innovations to correct the flaw). Also, bad weather involving excessive winds and major disasters, in particular landslides, airplane (or space-technology related) accidents, industrial disasters (a la Deepwater Horizon oil spill), explosions of flammables (e.g., improperly stored fireworks), and ships sinking. The situations will likely unfold very rapidly with little time to spare for rescue/repairs; there will be no time to waste. The times when this transit will be felt the strongest are: Jan 9-22, 2021; Feb 13 – Mar 5, 2021; June 03-25, 2021; Jun 29-July 9, 2021; Dec 15-31, 2021; Sep 14-Oct 30, 2022.

Update (07.18.21): So far in 2021, we experienced a number of disasters during close Saturn/Uranus squares. On Feb 7, 2021, we had a massive rock and glacier avalanche in Uttarkahnd, India, that resulted in a flash flood. Floodwaters washed away the Dhauliganga Dam and left over 200 dead and missing. In late June through mid-July 2021, we had a number of large industrial fires (incl. in Morris, IL; Romania, and Bangladesh), as well as a couple of explosions that involved trucks filled with fireworks in the US (Los Angeles, CA and Ocean City, MD). The biggest disastrous events during the late June/early July transit were the tragic building collapse in Surfside, FL and an assassination of the Haitian President Jovenel Moise. The next set of dates when we can expect a similarly tense/dangerous period is the second half of Dec 2021. In particular, Dec 15 (+- couple of days) may see a notable accident or disaster as in addition to the Saturn/Uranus square we will have transiting Mars passing over the South Node of the Moon. In general, when Mars (or Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, and/or Chiron) form a tense aspect to one of the Moon Nodes, we see a notable event (often an accident, earthquake, or some industrial disaster) that affects a large group of people (either directly or indirectly, such as through coverage in the news). 

Global: May 13 – Jul 27, 2021; Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022 — Starting on May 13, Jupiter will enter Pisces where it will remain until Jul 27, 2021; it will then retrograde into Aquarius for a few months, and then return to Pisces from Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022. Jupiter in Pisces will likely correspond to improved conditions for the areas above and/or expansion of the related projects (e.g., a greater variety of beverages, increased popularity of audio-visual equipment, improved movie sales, greater interest in swimming/fishing/going on cruises/etc., abundance of oil, increased focus on religion, increased floods, etc.). Other manifestations include increased volume of maritime transport, increased legal regulations of maritime transport/shipping/swimming/water usage/etc., spikes in infectious diseases but also enhanced abilities to treat the issues, increase in smuggling of drugs, increased drug or pharmaceutical usage/application/spread (e.g., a shipping container with some chemical is lost at sea and contaminates the water), and so on. 

USA/France: Nov 2021 – June 2022 — AUKUS (a trilateral security pact between Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States, announced on 15 September 2021) – On Sep 15, 2021 Sun/Neptune opposition squared France’s Saturn in the 9th house in Sagittarius (difficulties and confusion in international relationships). At the same time, Sun passed over Neptune (navy) in the US chart, while transiting Neptune opposed US Neptune; the Sun/Neptune transiting opposition squared US Mars (military). In general, France’s Saturn (responsibility, losses, difficulties) opposes US Mars (action, military). Also, the North Node of the Moon conjuncted France’s North Node within minutes on the day of the announcement. Moreover, the Nodes turned Rx on 9-13-21 indicting a reversal in some important direction. Transits by and to Moon Nodes occur during events that affect large groups of people and have widespread effect. The France’s (and currently transiting) Nodes are in Gemini (NN) and Sagittarius (SN) indicating focus  on transportation / communication / commerce / laws /international relations / immigration.

Transiting Neptune (navy, confusion, deception, water, chemicals, pharma, contamination, etc.) will continue to hover around the same degrees of Prices (20-25) for months. This means that issues in the areas above (navy as well as any other Neptunian areas) that first came up in mid-Sep 2021 could drag on through the spring – early summer of 2022. Periodically, as faster planets, incl. Sun and Mars, form difficult aspects to these same degrees (conjunction, square or opposition), there may be increased tensions and/or  follow up developments. In particular, for France early Nov, 2021 (esp. Nov 3-6, 2021 +-1 week) look tense — Neptune will square France’s Saturn while Mars will be going over France’s Jupiter and Neptune (assertive actions involving international partners, disputes related to navy, great hopes, promise of [almost unlimited] expansion, arguments over legal issues, passing new laws in a hurry). After that, the following time periods may bring additional developments related to Neptunian domains, incl. navy (for France and/or US): Dec 2021 (esp. 7-9, 11-17, 25-31), Jan 10-18, 2022; March 1-13, 2022; March 23 –  Apr 30, 2022 (esp. Apr 4-5); May 11-19, 2022; June 10-17, 2022. 

USA: Apr 2021 to Mar 2022, particularly Apr-Sep, 2021 and Feb-Mar, 2022 (and within these dates, esp. late Apr to early May, 2021; Aug 20-23, 2021;and late Feb – early Mar, 2022) — Increased news about oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, navy, water (e.g., excessive precipitation, hurricanes, water erosion, or contamination), beverages, religion, and drugs. There may be significant developments in the US oil industry as well as large scale engineering initiatives that involve locations near or under water (e.g., undersea cables). At this time, initiatives in the areas above (e.g., oil and pharma) may not go quite as planned due to some confusion, deceptive practices, bad weather, or unclear status. These confusing or unclear situations may be related to healthcare, accounting/bookkeeping, and governmental services such as mail delivery, police, teachers, etc. — for ex., a pharmaceutical company reports an accounting error, or, an unclear healthcare policy affects a price of some medicine. General themes will probably be (A) dissatisfaction with some entities that are not performing as well due to some confusion, lack of clear communication, uncertain status, deceptive practices, pollution, poisoning, etc.; and (B) concerns about damages due to the excessively wet weather, floods, and hurricanes. 

At the same time, there may be increased concerns (similarly due to confusion, uncertainty, bad weather, or lack of transparency) about banks’ assets, loans/mortgages, real estate, savings, food security, housing security, safety of physical structures/buildings, and safety of vulnerable groups (esp. elderly and women/children). For ex., a severe flood [possibly on the Mississippi river] creates problems with food supply; a hurricane damages many buildings; a lack of clarity about some financial policies leads to concerns about the real estate market; or, concerns about a bank’s assets lead to concerns regarding its stability. 

Lastly, there may be increased news about theft and security breaches in the domains above (e.g., oil/gas, pharma, navy, beverages, and banks) — for ex., a bank or pharmacy chain is hacked but the reported details are vague or it is difficult to trace who did what/when).

USA: Aug 24, 2021 – Feb 28, 2022 — Confusion or uncertainty related to military, weapons, navy, and partnership agreements or deals with international partners. There is a greater than usual probability of some miscommunication or unintentional error leading to escalating tensions or maritime accidents (esp. involving chemicals, drugs, bioweapons, submarines, and “unseen” treats, incl. hacking/spying). This influence will likely intensify the week of Aug 30, 2021 — at that time, we can expect a repeat of events/themes similar to those that were prominent in late March – early April 2021. This influence is associated with the stressful transit of Neptune to the US Mars and Neptune which will form a t-square among all three. Neptune = confusion, water, drugs, oil, chemicals, navy, etc. Mars = military, fights, fires, heat, aggression, sports, competition, etc. In the US chart, Mars is in Gemini (communication, transportation, commerce), it rules the 5th house of gambling, stock market, risky or creative ventures and it is in the 7th house of partners/enemies/relations. The stressful t-square among all three planets (Mars and Neptune in the US natal chart, and the transiting Neptune) indicates confusing circumstances related to military/sports/stock market, bad weather involving excessive precipitation, water contamination, maritime accidents, and various upsets involving related domains (oil, pharma, navy, chemicals, floods, deception, etc.).

USA & Global: For the US, Aug, 2021 – Feb, 2024 (esp. +- 1-2 weeks around Mar 1, 2022, +- 1-2 weeks around Aug 1, 2022, Nov 2022 – mid Jan 2023, +- 1-2 weeks around Apr 1, 2023, Jul-Aug 2023, Oct-Nov 2023) — General themes of confusion or miscommunication related to military, leadership, sports, stock markets and any risky activities (gambling, racing, fighting, etc.) will persist as transiting Neptune will continue to make difficult aspects to the US Mars, Neptune, and then enter into the 4th house (homeland security, food supply, safety, stability, farming, land, real estate, banks’ assets, savings, etc.). Difficult transits of Neptune are generally associated with excessive precipitation, pollution, confusion, deception, and lack of clarity. For the US, Neptune’s transit may bring, among other things, excessive flooding, problems with chemicals (e.g., misuse of fertilizers, water supply pollution, etc.), problems with misuse of medicines/drugs (rise in addictions?), real estate problems (flood damage, soil erosion, contamination, mortgages “underwater,” entities re-defining zones or some geographical/administrative units, etc.), concerns about some banks engaging in deceptive practices, and problems for oil industry (lack of clear direction, pollution, spills). 

During the same time frame, the US will experience a slowly unfolding Pluto return as well as an opposition of the transiting Pluto the US Mercury (in the 8th house of investments/rates, ruling the 7th and 10th houses of partnerships and leadership, respectively). In the US chart, Pluto is in the 2nd house of banks/money and rules the 12th house of secrets, endings, hidden places, navy, oil, damp/wet places, hospitals, elder care facilities, etc. Difficult transits of Pluto are associated with the revelation of secrets, spying, unearthing previously buried things (can be literally like excavating something and burying it elsewhere), scandals, violent attacks, power struggles, power changing hands, changes in how the power is generated/used (e.g., by power plants, powerful corporations, governmental structures, individual leaders, etc.), and the overall destruction of some old ways to rebuild from the scratch (police reform? governmental changes?). 

In the summer and fall of 2023, there will be a few difficult transits, for the US and globally, indicative of major industrial accidents, disasters (e.g., fires, plane crashes, shipwrecks, etc.), bad weather events (e.g., major storms), earthquakes, violent attacks or military coups (esp. July-Aug and Oct-Nov 2023, in particular around July 31, Aug 13, Aug 21, Oct 4, and Nov 11). In 2023, during these same time periods (Jul-Aug and Oct-Nov), there may be increased activities or problems involving recycling facilities, mines, underground storage, power plants and especially nuclear power plants/weapons (e.g., a large storm causes a flood and a temporary shutdown of a nuclear plant).  

Update (10.10.21): As a part of the ongoing transit of Pluto to US Mercury — Increased focus on negotiations, deals, contracts, commerce, transportation, communication, and education. The effect of the transit may manifest as negotiations that involve manipulations, power plays, extortions, or some other underhanded activities. Alternatively, the negotiations and deals may involve underground or hidden locations (e.g., mines, underground storage, tunnels, caves, cemeteries, prisons) and companies that generate power or clean up trash (esp. nuclear power plants and recycling plants). The news about companies in these areas may involve hidden/secret plans, taxation, insurance fraud, or pollution (e.g., a company is suspected of hiding evidence of environmental pollution, some entity engages in blackmailing or tax avoidance). Since Pluto/Mercury opposition activates 2nd and 8th houses in the US chart, issues related to finance, banks, earnings, taxes, insurance, rates, currency value, etc. may all come up — again, there may be concerns about hidden or manipulative activities. 

Pluto is also associated with debt and default — difficult transits to US Mercury and Pluto may manifest as a large company or even utility defaulting, declaring bankruptcy, going under etc. in the related areas, inlc. Plutonian domains, such as power plants (esp. related to nuclear power), recycling facilities, trash removal facilities, facilities responsible for storing trash, morgues, prisons; and Mercurial domains, such as communication and transportation companies, rental car companies, car manufacturers, social media companies, airlines, payment processors, retail stores, and so on. For ex., when transiting Pluto squared US Pluto back in July 1983, the largest municipal bond default in U.S. history took place when the Washington Public Power Supply System defaulted on $2.25 billion in bonds ( WPPSS financed the construction of five nuclear power plants by issuing billions of dollars in municipal bonds in the 1970s and 1980s. In 1983, because of extremely poor project management, construction on some plants was canceled, and completion of the remaining plants seemed unlikely. Consequently, the take-or-pay arrangements that had been backing the municipal bonds were ruled void by the Washington State Supreme Court. As a result, in 1983, the WPPSS had the largest municipal debt default in history. (

Finally, in the US we can expect major financial reforms affecting banking system (esp. in 2022), USD value, banks’ stability, electronic payments, banking structure, FDIC, mortgage rates, taxes, insurance, etc. In particular, there may be some adjustments involving Federal Reserve System. When transiting Pluto opposed US Pluto in 1935, the Banking Act of 1935 was passed and was signed into law by the president, Franklin D. Roosevelt. The Act changed the structure and power distribution in the Federal Reserve System that began with the Banking Act of 1933. ( Under the conjunction of transiting Pluto to US Pluto (2021-2024, esp. 2022-23), we can again expect similar developments — possibly some updates to the regulations that were initially signed into law in 1935, or, some new regulations affecting central control of the monetary system. This may be done to simply improve economic stability, but it may also be necessary to address some financial concerns. In particular, Aug 1, 2022 (+- a couple of days) may be a time of unpleasant surprises involving financial institutions, banks as well as airlines, telecoms, IT, and social media companies — an entity may declare bankruptcy, abruptly cancel some projects, experience major service disruptions, and so on. This will likely be accompanied by significant volatility in the value of currencies and/or cryptocurrencies. The situation may unfold much quicker than expected and come as a shock. On Aug 1, 2022, Mars and Uranus will conjunct North Node in Taurus = lightening strike, electric shock, fire, explosion, construction site, bank, financial institution, currency = likely, a shake-up involving a bank or currency. Uranus also involves airlines, electric cars, electronic gadgets, social media, electronic payments, aerospace, etc. — these areas may also experience some sudden problems, either independently (e.g., a bad storm causes a prolonged power outage) or in relation to some financial issue (e.g., default, financial policy changes, currency volatility, etc.).   

China: Aug 2 – Oct 8, 2021; Apr 18 – May 24, 2022; Dec 5, 2022 – Mar 11, 2023 — Increased focus on international relations and partnerships, esp. those that involve military and weapons deals or sports. Some surprising deals may be reached, agreements with unusual partners may be entered into, old agreements may suddenly be broken, and in general, there may be many surprises. Additionally, there may be increased focus on sports, communication, and transportation — these areas may see sudden changes and innovations, but there may also be an increased number of accidents, service outages (esp. due to sudden fires/explosions), and abrupt turn-abouts (e.g., a partner is added and then  suddenly dropped, a leader is promoted and then suddenly removed). 

Haiti: Aug 2021 – Sep 2022 — A series of difficult transits may bring problems for the country in the form of sudden upsetting events (e.g., quakes or bad storms). During this time, the country may undergo a process of re-birth of some sort where a previous established order is replaced with a new one. In particular, there may be earthquakes and problems with power losses. At the same time, power plants and/or networks of all sorts as well as airport facilities can be rebuilt or significantly revamped — this may be a planned improvement or as a response to some damaging event. In Aug-Oct 2021, Uranus (sudden jolts, accidents, electricity, airports, networks, power loss) is tightly square the country’s Moon Nodes (wide spread meaningful events affecting public), while at the same time transiting Moon Nodes will square the country’s Pluto (death/rebirth, major transformation, massive power, power plants, power struggles, mining, underground, recycling [turning old trash into valuable power source]). In 2022, several more time periods will see inauspicious transits to the country’s chart (mainly to Pluto, Nodes, Mars, Saturn, and/or Neptune): the end of Jan, early Mar, late Mar, April to May, mid to late Sep. At this times, there is an increased chance of a bad weather event, power losses, power struggles, or some major reforms to improve infrastructure/build a new power plant/open a new recycling facility/etc.

OIL: The dates below may see important news related to oil, gas, chemicals, infectious diseases/pandemic, transportation over water (incl. oil tankers), transportation or storage of liquids (incl. oil, gas, and various chemicals), water pollution, oil pipeline damage, oil leaks, oil transportation challenges, etc. For example — flu outbreak affects travel, which in turn affects oil prices; hurricane or floods impact oil and gas production, refining, or delivery; oil or chemical spill pollutes a body of water and the responsible party’s stock goes down; oil prices rise on the news of oil transportation being delayed; oil prices drop on pandemic concerns; etc. This is a look at a glance and subject to adjustments as I do additional research. Updates will be highlighted and dated.

2021 – 2022

  • Dec 29, 2021 – May 10, 2022; Oct 28 – Dec 20, 2022 — Jupiter in Pisces; the period should generally correspond to the increase in oil and gas prices. This period will likely also bring excessive precipitation, significant floods, and expansion of activities and projects related to navy, ships, chemicals, drugs, and medicines. 
  • NEW Week of Jan 10, 2022 — oil and gas prices may go down [possibly being suppressed], followed by some unsettling event or an accident that may stimulate prices to go up again. An increased risk of a fire at or attack on an oil refinery/rig/pipeline/etc. Arguments and fighting over oil- and gas-related projects.
  • Apr 4-12, 2022 (+- few weeks) — Possible major floods, large-scale oil leaks, flu epidemic or some other infectious disease outbreak, also, an oil price drop due to oil glut. Oil price may go up in the weeks prior to April 2022, peak around early-to- mid April and go down, possibly on concerns about a surplus of excess oil. There may also be concerns about an excessive number of vessels used for floating oil storage along with increased news about bad weather — taken together, this will increase the probability of an oil spill and other problems, esp. in late Mar to May, 2022. 


Likely, a major reversal point for the oil prices (a new multi-year trend will likely begin).

Generally, increased focus on Neptunian matters (incl. oil price, oil spills, water pollution, clean water shortage, maritime accidents, pandemics, biowarfare, etc.) the entire year with periods of heightened risk for accidents and disasters. For ex., around Feb 1, 2025 could be one such disaster and it may result in a major oil price reversal. Apr 25, 2025 looks bad too… danger of an accident or disaster. Jul 21, 2025 may see some public event or announcement related to oil etc. and this event/news may elicit anger (e.g., the magnitude of pollution is covered up, the responsible party’s fine is deemed too low, some important details are obscured in a report, etc.). Aug 12, 2025 also looks tense. There may be multiple accidents/disasters/epidemic waves throughout the year; alternatively, one large disaster strikes early in 2025 (and/or a pandemic begins) and the rest of the year is spent on cleanup, restoration, repairs, and healing.


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