Follow-up on the “predictions for the week of Oct 3, 2011” post

So to quickly follow-up on the “predictions for the week of Oct 3, 2011” post, it appears that on Oct 3, the square (tension/burst) between Mars (action) and Jupiter (abundance) did manifest among investors as an increased desire to act (Mars), with diminished concern about financial losses (square to Jupiter).

In my original prediction, however, I was expecting this aspect to manifest as increased optimism about buying shares (reduced fear of financial loss + desire to act = favorable for gambling). Instead, the desire to act (Mars) manifested more prominently as an urge to sell shares, even at a loss (square to Jupiter).

This “negative” manifestation reflected the overall fearful mood among investors (enhanced, no doubt, by the conjunction [union] of Moon [emotions/safety] and Pluto [death/transformation]), occurring that same day.

I do not expect the same fearful mood to persist on Oct 4, as both Mars-Jupiter square & Moon-Pluto conjunction are separating.

While I don’t have the time at the moment to analyze each upcoming day of the week play-by-play, I do see that there will be a conjunction between Mercury (news) and Saturn (oppression) on Thursday, October, 6, 2011. That same day, Moon will oppose Mars (irritability/fighting/fever)(exact shortly before markets open in NYC). My expectation is that some gloomy piece of news may color the mood for the day, especially early on, with a down move in DJI likely right at the opening (also 9:52-54am looks like a time when a down move may begin/strengthen).

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8 Responses to Follow-up on the “predictions for the week of Oct 3, 2011” post

  1. Does this mean that the stock market could go up on tuesday and wednesday only to throw up on Thursday

    • tolstunka says:

      Well, I don’t see any major “negative” aspects forming between traditionally “negative” planets this week, so at the minimum, I do not foresee any major crashes happening 🙂

      Mercury conjunct Saturn on Thur is the biggest relevant aspect I see for the rest of the week, so that’s why I pointed it out, along with my interpretation of how it may apply to the stock market (I cld also apply it to weather, health, relationships, etc.). General symbolism of this aspect is pessimistic thinking; slow communication; careful thinking; scientific analyses; news/talks about all things old; news about some restrictions/lack; news about some-thing(-one) dying; news about rocks/earth/steel/spine/teeth/authority figures; voting (expressing opinion) on some old /inflexible/difficult issue; basically, serious discussions and/or news… Any bad news wld bring the market down, and there is higher than usual possibility of pessimistic news on Thur.

      To make detailed predictions on a daily basis, multiple data points wld need to be analyzed and synthesized, which is time-consuming. Thus, I just point out “highlights” that seem relevant and are easy to spot by just perusing the ephemeris. There may be other influences that I miss, but that’s cos I don’t have the time to do full-spectrum analyses.

      As far as market going up Tue and/or Wed, Wed looks better than Tue. Not that there is anything happening on Wed, but given how spooked investors appear to be by the littlest of things, I am now thinking they might react negatively to the transiting Moon squaring Mercury and Saturn on Tue. Moon’s influence is normally very quick and mild; however, it may color the mood for a day/few hours.

      Specifically, for Tue, the day opens with the Moon squaring Mercury (ppl may be worried abt some news, whether justifiably or not—there may not be any significant news, but there may be some anxiety abt it or miscommunication). Then, from abt 12:44pm to 1:50pm, there will be various aspects formed by several planets to the daily horoscope angles (EST, NYC), with the Moon squaring Saturn (concern abt not having enough, feeling restricted/oppressed/pessimistic). I expect the following times to be likely reversal points: 12:44pm, 1pm, 1:12pm (down very likely), 1:24pm, 1:30pm, 1:40pm, 1:50pm (down very likely).

  2. thoughngine says:

    do you still think that the market becomes bullish from Mid october as you have commented before. We could go into a death spiral before that

    • tolstunka says:

      Overall, I expect the second half of Oct (17-28) to be better than the first. Jupiter (abundance/wealth) will be forming a harmonious trine aspect with Pluto (massive power) on Oct 28, so I expect things to pick up a week or two prior to that. Altho, since Jupiter is now retrograde, its effect isn’t going to be as strong as it was in July, 2011 or will be in March, 2012. Beyond this trine, the last week of Oct looks eventful in general, with many planets forming exact aspects to each other.

      Jupiter/Pluto trine by itself is not going to completely override everything else, but it is a powerful positive influence. I honestly do not see any major negative influences indicating market collapse in Oct, so am hopeful that the trine energy will push thru any short-lived “negative” aspects formed by faster moving planets. I’d have to analyse each week’s aspects more in depth to get a better idea of day-to-day energies.

      From just eyeballing the aspects by glancing thru my ephemeris book, Oct 13-14 may be either a down or a mixed day(s); Oct 17 may have lots of international news coming out; Oct 26-28 will likely be very busy days (new Moons typically are & there are several aspects becoming exact)–even tho I expect the Jup/Pl trine to bring market up, there is also a likelihood of some ppl getting overly aggressive/greedy over money and/or aggressively voicing their opinion (likely abt money)… that’s cos Mars (aggression/desire) will be squaring (tension) Venus (money) on the 26th and then Mercury (communication), on the 28th. Mercury will be conjunct Venus (w/in 2 degree orb) all last week of Oct, so there shd be lots of news (Mercury) abt money (Venus) that week.

  3. thoughngine says:

    great work on greece. Do you comment on specific companies. Was curious about Morgan Stanley with their CDS widening weather they would go bankrupt

    • tolstunka says:

      Thx. Astrology can be applied to any entity, incl. companies. I’d need “birth” info for the company for that–when it was founded, incorporated, etc. To be really accurate, time of the day is important. W/o the time, we don’t know what sectors of the horoscope are ruled by which planet; also, Moon moves 12 degrees or so per day. There are ways to rectify the “birth” time by analyzing correlations bet. company’s performance/major events & astro positions, but that is very time-consuming.

      I can look at Morgan Stanley when I have the time if I find info that can serve well as its “birth” time.

      In the meantime, I encourage ppl to use site–it’s totally free. Just plug in anyone’s “birth” data & use their free horoscopes. You can subsitute company’s incorporation date/place as “birth” time & then simply interpret horoscope thinking of a company as if were a person (for stocks, use date/time/place of the first trade for the stock). Useful applications of this method cld be predicting company’s/stock’s future performance and also deciding which stocks to buy. For the latter, check compatibility bet. your own horoscope & horoscope of that company and/or stock.

  4. tolstunka says:

    Well, looking back (as of Nov 5, 2011), we can see that the week of Oct 3, 2011 and Oct 3-4 particularly, were indeed days of great opportunity for those with a gambling spirit 🙂 Those who took the risk and invested at a low, saw a nice profit by the end of the month. DJI rose 12% from Oct 3 to Oct 28, 2011 (note that as predicted, Oct 28 was a MAX for Oct; in fact, on Oct 28 DJI was at its highest in 3 months, since Aug 1, 2011).

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